Top five post-night activities

It’s open 24 hours a day, the food is actually really good, it’s not close enough to any bars to be completely obnoxious and is often hilarious.

Hotcake House

1002 SE Powell St.

After several years, it’s still the best. It’s open 24 hours a day, the food is actually really good, it’s not close enough to any bars to be completely obnoxious and is often hilarious. After bar time, they hire an actual security guard to work in there because things get all drunk and nutty when 50 people are waiting for pancakes. Semi-conveniently located just over the east side of the Ross Island Bridge, it’s not going to break your bank if you’re trying to make it over there in a cab. Rumor has it Ice Cube eats here every time he’s in town. Get into it.


1121 SW Stark St.

Two words (three if you don’t hyphenate): Poo-poo platter. This is the Roxy’s gutbomb late-night meal, consisting of pretty much everything they fry all on one plate. You have French fries, clam strips, onion rings and shrimp piled high on one plate that’s big enough for two to share. The Roxy is situated right downtown—a stone’s throw away from many area bars, so get there right before bar time is over to avoid the giant rush, especially on weekends. Like the Hotcake House, this location is also prime for people-watching—it’s not entirely uncommon to witness some kooky stuff going down outside here.

Plaid Pantry           

Various locations

Plaid Pantry, or Portland’s own 7-11, has your back when you need it. Chances are, you live within stumbling distance of the hallowed red, blue and yellow halls of the Plaid. If you’ve ever been tanked at 3 a.m. and thought a Bomb burrito was a great idea, it was likely the Pantry that put you up to such nefariousness. Things the Plaid has: Jerky, frozen pizza for one, lunch meat, beer, Emergen-C, Double Dog wine, pretzels, surly clerks, crazy dudes trying to trade cans for alcohol, lottery tickets, condoms and more beer. Everything you want, nothing you don’t. Shop local.

Southeast Grind

1223 SE Powell St.

A hop, skip and a jump away from Hotcake House and with sizably less security, Southeast Grind sits stalwart on the corner of 12th and Powell, and we hope it doesn’t ever leave us. As a matter of fact, I kind of regret even writing about it, because this is the only one in the city, and it doesn’t need to be full every time I want to go—but I digress. This place has really great food, Stumptown coffee, friendly baristas, good music and interesting art. Usually when a 24-hour variant of a regular business opens up, it pales in comparison to what it tries to emulate. Not the case here.

Jupiter Hotel

800 E Burnside St.

If your night leads you down this path when you’re at Doug Fir, Rontoms, B-side or just stumbling in from downtown, the Jupiter has you covered. Situated on the same lot as Doug Fir, if you or you and someone else need a place to crash, the Jupiter has the room to accommodate you. Only problem is that it’s kind of a hip destination and reservations are recommended, so if you’re feeling particularly full of swagger in advance, by all means, set a goal.