Try-outs increase optimism for club soccer

Portland State University’s Club Soccer held its try-outs last weekend. Thirty-eight players tried out for the team, with 17 making the cut.

Of those 17, five are returning players from last years’ successful season. The remaining players are mostly freshmen. Two are expected to show strong skills, including goalkeeping, said head coach Luis Trybom. Trybom is not only the coach, but also the program’s director and coordinator.

Helping the team will be “returning athletes, who were very instrumental in the teams doing well,” said player Dave Solano.

Last year’s team saw many firsts for the club. It was the first year the team had uniforms, they were called a PSU team, had a chance to play other colleges and accepted player dues and team tryouts.

“We were invited to play at the premiere level,” Trybom added.

This season will be different with many new, young players, but a lot more focused, explained Trybom. The team will look to rebuild on the young talent this season.

Captain of the team this year is returning player Trent Anderson, an amazing player all around, according to Trybom.

“He is the most versatile and motivational player out there,” Trybom said.

Another strong returnee for the club is Kegan McKenna.

Last year was an establishing one while this season will look to refine the young talent. Trybom expects this year to be one of rebuilding and strengthening.

Assisting Trybom in the coaching duties is Cory Hawke, who will run the practices and games when Trybom is unable to attend.

Trybom is also the soccer coach at Lewis and Clark College. This presents an interesting situation for PSU’s first game when they meet Lewis and Clark. Hawke will probably coach PSU while Trybom coaches Lewis and Clark. This is in part to the fact that the coaching job at PSU is on a volunteer basis and the Lewis and Clark coaching job is a paid position.

“The game will be a real education for both teams,” Trybom said. “It’s a win-win situation for me.”

PSU’s club plays other major colleges like University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and the University of Portland, as well as community colleges. Their first game against Lewis and Clark will be Oct. 21. Its time is yet to be announced.