TV in Print

Besides a crazy episode of “24” and the unacceptable absence of “The Office,” the only other thing that stood out to me this week was the second half of a special “college acceptance” episode of the “O.C.” that I caught because “The Office” wasn’t on. In one of more ridiculous moments of drama I’ve seen on television in years, Marisa puts away her Berkeley sweatshirt at the end of the episode, signifying that she won’t be going there next year. God forbid she go to UCLA or UC Irvine instead. There’s something truly sick about a show that wants us to feel sorry for a rich girl who’s choosing not to go to one of the nation’s top colleges; is it any wonder that no one watches this show anymore?



The President? President Logan’s behind everything! This plot twist is really testing my ability to believe the “24” writers know what they’re doing. President Logan has acted scared, nervous and indecisive this entire season, but apparently that was just a huge front to throw everyone around him off his trail.


“George Lopez Show”

George has a tequila worm-induced hallucination in which he realized his life is good exactly because his mother was so rude and cruel to him. Therapy for millions of men: tequila worms are waiting for you at the receptionist desk.


“My Name Is Earl”

This week, Earl’s old girlfriend (played by Juliette Lewis) and Joy got into an ugly fist fight that was scored by an Ennio Morricone song taken from Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western “A Few Dollars More.” It’s hard to believe this show was created by the same guy who created “Yes, Dear.”



This week, the hot busty teacher made the mussy-haired teacher promise that their sex would be absolutely non-committal and completely physical. Who knew teaching apathetic high schoolers could be so sexy and exciting? It’s hard not to see this show as a giant middle finger to actual high school teachers, who we all know really have it coming.


“The Simpsons”

Who knew Homer going to India to run a nuclear plant would make one of the funniest episodes of “The Simpsons” I’ve seen in years? The instructional film about outsourcing at the beginning of the episode was a work of comedic genius. I’m almost ready to take back everything I said about this show jumping the shark. Almost.


“Family Guy"”

This week, Adam West killed the Domino’s Pizza Noid and Stewie sang the “Mr. Belvedere” theme, and the pop culture gods wept with joy.