Vying for the Pub Crawl throne

The Vanguard celebrated the seventh annual Pub Crawl last weekend in high style, making it to a few more bars than last year and even staying a bit more sober-looking, if not more sober.

Pub Crawl consists of two nights, 14 bars per night and one drink per bar, if you can do it. We took on the West side on Friday, and the East side on Saturday. Every year, we put out this special Pub Crawl section at the start of Memorial Day weekend so that on your three-day respite before finals, you might feel adventurous and try some new places. We take the necessary safety precautions and so should you.

This year, the theme was Elvis, King of the Hedonists, and his presence was surely felt. The prize for the last Elvis or Priscilla standing was a pair of Elvis sunglasses complete with hairy sideburns.

Inside today’s popArts section, many of this year’s attendees have attempted to reconstruct part of their evenings, offering up their take on one of the many establishments we attended this year.

Pub crawlers are given comment booklets and encouraged to rate each establishment, but as you can imagine, by the sixth or seventh bar, half the booklets are gone and the other half have an assortment of alcohol spilled on them. Still, comments range from “This place rocks” to “Locks on the doors and toilet paper!”

Someday we’ll find a better way.

Enjoy this issue, learn about some new pubs, and always remember to drink responsibly.

And whenever in trouble, just repeat this mantra: “What would Elvis do, what would Elvis do … ”