WARNING: Not all blood is created equal

This letter is in response to the article “Blood drive hits campus” (April 30, 2003). I give big kudos to the Red Cross for what they do, but DO NOT GIVE BLOOD TO THEM! Let me explain. About a year ago I went in place of a friend to give blood. I filled out their questionnaire truthfully, and during my screening interview I saw the error of my ways. One of the questions for males is: Have you had intercourse (sex) with another male since 1978? Well being born in ’81 and an openly gay male, I said yes. Wrong answer. My screener in a dead halt apologized profusely, but according to the Red Cross regulations, ANY MALE WHO ANSWERS “YES” to that question is exempt from giving blood. Never mind they screen ALL blood for HIV already! Angered, I wrote Red Cross, no answer, and even talked to a friend who was abroad in Paris for the semester (for those who don’t know, I guess France started the Red Cross or has there HQ there or something). She tried to talk to them, but much like my own attempts she got a compassionate, “I’m sorry, but it’s just our policy.” So I say I am a strong protester of the Red Cross blood drive until they change their policy to something more this century! Ten percent of the population is gay. Add in all the fag-hags and that 90 percent of women, so basically only homophobic straight males could give blood, or basically Arkansas.

P.S. Giving blood isn’t bad, only Red Cross’ homophobic policy.

England Locke

history, junior