Weed like to meet you: Jeremy Plumb

Jeremy Plumb

Jeremy Plumb is the Bill Nye of pot science, and his enthusiasm bubbles over for the plant’s medical and therapeutic properties.

“This is the first moment where we have all of the resources of science and modern insight to meet this amazing task, which is not just about understanding phytochemistry, but the reflecting of our own physiology,” Plumb said.

Before becoming co-founder of Portland’s Farma dispensary, Plumb secured a degree in psychology and gained experience as a mental health professional. His passion for the science of cannabis is largely inspired by the ability to quantify its medicinal properties using hard data.

“Now that we have all of the great lab data,” Plumb said, “we’ll be able to find targeted solutions for a huge array of different patient concerns. It’s going to take a long time to answer all these questions, but what I’ve experienced ever since working with the patient community is radical.”

But he couldn’t do it alone. Plumb stresses that if not for the unbelievable scientific peer network along the West Coast and as far as Israel, he would not be where he is today. “I only exist by the graces of an incredible peer community.”

Plumb’s knowledge is as vast as his passion, and he acknowledges that there is still so much to learn and uncover about the plant’s potential. As a Portland local, he’s excited about the state’s current direction, especially in relation to other states which have eased restrictions on access.

“Oregon is about to change the world. We’re uniquely situated compared to the quagmire in California, the tangle in Washington, and the corporate rule out in Colorado. Oregon is doing this differently and it’s fucking exciting that all these people are doing this together.”