Whack it, scruffy!

One of the worst feelings in the world is handing your hard-earned cash over to someone who claims to be a licensed professional, only to come away looking like you ran headlong into a weed whacker. So much of what makes or breaks today’s fashion rides on your shoulders.

One of the worst feelings in the world is handing your hard-earned cash over to someone who claims to be a licensed professional, only to come away looking like you ran headlong into a weed whacker.

So much of what makes or breaks today’s fashion rides on your shoulders…literally. The final touch to looking elegant and suave is one’s hairstyle, and styling is not an easy art to perfect. There are hairstylists that have certificates and go to work at the low-rent places around town–and then there are the true masters of good-looking locks.

Finding the right person to trust with your cranial fur is no easy task. Provided is a list of on-campus locations that will get you the hairstyle you seek and a run-down of the costs, ambiance and amenities.

Luna Hair Studio1717 S.W. Park Ave.503-525-7395

Luna is located on the bottom floor of the Ione Plaza in the middle of the main campus, on the northwest corner near the garage door entrance. It offers men’s haircuts for $28 and women’s for $35, with a $7 discount for students with valid ID. There is an opportunity for a free cut if you have 10 inches of hair you’re willing to part with and donate to Locks of Love, a national charity program that works with cancer patients in need of prosthetic hair or wigs. The studio also offers coloring, perms and updos for special occasions like weddings and fancy dances.

Luna has received generally good reviews for both service and results. The stylists know what they’re doing and take the time to work with customers and make sure to deliver the sort of cut a customer is looking for. The studio may be a bit costly for a casual cut, but if you’ve got the cash to get exactly what you want, this is the place. Walk-ins will mean a bit of a wait, so make an appointment.

Gigi Salon & Spa1503 S.W. Park Ave.503-295-9539

Gigi is a full-service salon that does all things beautiful from head to toe. Their haircuts are meant to cater to customers who are familiar with upscale aestheticians’ techniques and they feature all-natural Aveda products. The basic cut for men starts at $30, with coloring and shampooing available. If you’re a woman looking for a cut, the basic cost is $35 and will vary with extras. Students of both genders are treated to a 15 percent discount. Your hairstyling experience starts with a scalp massage and if the apprentice beautician is on shift during your appointment, you get a complimentary hand massage.

Gigi gets good overall reviews, though they do get a few common complaints. A few customers have complained about getting a different color or highlighting than what they asked for, though the quality and style of the actual haircut gets very few complaints. The placement of the salon in the Park Blocks bothers some customers, given that it’s not very private, though most appreciate the natural lighting and the stylists say that the view isn’t at all a distraction from the process.

The overall biggest complaint that the salon gets is parking. If you commute to campus, be sure to bring a parking pass or expect to spend some time hunting for a space.

Bishops Barber Shop1031 S.W. Columbia Ave.503-222-3212

You can find Bishops in the same building as the downtown Safeway. They’re less focused on glam and glitz and cater more to the punk rock scene. They offer every color and style imaginable and cutouts from Portland’s alternative periodicals act as wallpaper in the salon from ceiling to floor. Men looking for a full cut will pay $19 and a buzz cut costs $12. Women pay $24 if they’re getting a cut on long hair and $19 if it’s short. Students enjoy a discount of $2 ($1 off the buzz cut price) and if you have proof that you’re 21, you get a complimentary beer while they work. Bike commuters get a 10 percent discount if they show their bike or helmet, though only one discount can apply per customer.

Bishops does all sorts of weaves, shampooing and blow-outs, though be careful when you start asking for a particular style. Many customers have unwittingly bumped up the price of their service, and once you’re out of the chair, the stylists refuse to haggle over prices. Be certain you know what you’re asking for, especially when it comes to coloring: it starts at $55 and continues at $50 per hour. Also, they don’t do appointments and the wait is pretty long during regular hours. Plan on getting a cut here during workday hours or else bring a newspaper, complete with a crossword and a Sudoku puzzle.

Great Clips1974 S.W. Broadway503-227-3688

Great Clips is located in the Broadway Building between an eye clinic and a Quizno’s. It costs $13 for a basic cut and students can get it done for $10. They offer shampooing and coloring for more depending on the style you’re seeking. If you’re just looking for a quick beard trim, bring in $5 and they’ll clean you up nice.

The amenities at this store are…well, um…you can eat a Quizno’s sandwich or a Chipotle burrito afterwards, with only a half a block’s walk. This is where you go for a quick cut that isn’t meant to impress a new crowd. They don’t do anything particularly wrong, but they don’t stand out either. The d퀌�cor is pretty gaudy, but the waits are short and the stylists are friendly. Basically, if you’re trying to save some cheddar, bring your untamed locks here and save yourself some cash for lunch.