What’s under your gown?

Let’s be real: Graduating college is the best thing in the world. All that hard work has finally paid off, you finally have that degree in hand, and the hunger to get a job and make money slowly starts to creep in on you. Then you realize you still have that final stretch: the graduation walk. You don’t mind, though. It’s time to strut your stuff and prove to everyone you did it. Prove you weren’t just addicted to coffee and sleep, but also to homework and textbooks.

OK, you have your gown, you have your cap, and you have your tassel, but what do you wear underneath? Why does no one ever address this monumental issue? Yeah, everyone will be seeing your gown, but you will know about the glorious garment underneath. And to just wear jeans and a tank haunts you. (Or maybe it doesn’t. Perhaps that is exactly what you want to wear. Move along.)

Do you have a fancy bone in your body and wish to sport a tux under? A flowing, sparkly dress? Slacks? The possibilities are endless. No one cares what is under your gown except you! Wear nothing at all if you feel risky. If it’s hot outside, you will thank your lucky stars you didn’t wear anything under that heavy ass gown! You can air out your skin while others suffer relentlessly.

What if the gown is super thin? What if someone were to see your naked butt through your gown? At the end of the day, who cares? You’re out of college! Shake that ass! I mean, what’s the worst they can do? Take your diploma away? Nah.

If that isn’t your thing, you could just wear a tux with a bowtie; people always dig that. And at the after party you can rip your gown off and be the most lavish person there while simultaneously getting wasted.

There’s also the high heel option. However, I really would not recommend this option, if only because I know I wouldn’t be able to handle walking and standing in them for more than half an hour. But hey, if you are fully capable then you should definitely attempt it. It would show you are classy and badass at the same time, plus you will be inches taller than the rest of your peers, and where’s the shame in that?

If you’re truly distraught and unaware of what to wear under your gown, don’t sweat it. Honestly, pajamas would be a nice testament to your time in college anyway. Sweatpants would be good also. Oh, and sandals with socks! It would be such a shame not to wear sandals with socks.

But regardless of what you choose to wear, remember: All your peers’ gowns are the same, you have the absolute freedom to decorate your cap (click here for info on PSU’s cap decorating contest), and this is the mounting achievement of your life so far. All your hard work, money, time, and effort led up to this one day, to receive that one paper. Whether you choose to wear a poncho or a full leather jumpsuit under that gown, you’re graduating, so who cares?