You Will Rock This Week

The Dirtbombs, Oct. 9 at Dante’s Inferno

A band from a good rock city never disappoints, despite being past their prime, and one of the better rock ‘n’ roll cities is Detroit, which boasts alumni ranging from the Meatmen to Kiss. But ever since the car companies packed up and left, there hasn’t been much going on there. I never thought it would match its greatness, but apparently for a while Detroit was making a comeback, at least musically.

The Dirtbombs and the White Stripes were supposed to be the vanguard of this renaissance. Even though most whispers of some new rock thing in Spin magazine makes me feel a little queasy, and even though I get really irritated whenever I see pictures of Jack and Meg, the Dirtbombs don’t seem all that bad. They play a kind of noisy R & B, and they’ve got two drummers, which sounds kinda neat. They are playing this Saturday at Dante’s, so we shall see once and for all: Does this gem of the upper Midwest still rock? Tage Savage

Monkey see, Monkey do, make, say, think.
Do Make Say Think, Oct. 15 at Berbati’s Pan

Transcending the post-rock furor of God Speed You Black Emperor and Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think play theatrical rock, which while not being a very original in pursuit, is unique within its scene. They are hookier than GYBE and more mature than Broken Social Scene. Their albums are infused with electronic and jazz elements reminisant of early HiM and more dynamic than your average angst rock.

Nearly five albums deep, DMST have defined themselves by having one of the most powerful and engaging live shows within the genre. Choncy Jones

Off and running.
Quasi and The Joggers, Oct. 9 at Doug Fir Lounge

The Doug Fir opens it’s rock ‘n’ roll doors with Portland superstars Quasi, the well-documented ex-husband-and-wife team-up of Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss, whose melodic complaints have captured the hearts of thousands. Playing under Quasi’s gloomy cloud is The Joggers, whose occasionally chaotic pop is generally just great. In the music they play, each instrument sounds to have its own agenda. At times those agendas trip over each other’s feet, while at other times the agendas team up, build a castle and then smash it.

I hope the Doug Fir can stand the rock. Choncy Jones

Outcasts for life?
The Misfits, Oct. 16 at Bossanova

The first real concert I ever went to was the Misfits at La Luna (sans Danzig, of course). I was 17 and I got the money for it by working at my mom’s boyfriend’s moving company for a day. Well it sucked ’cause I was way outta shape and I couldn’t lift shit and the guy I was working with was kind of a dick. It was worth it, though. I made enough to buy a ticket and beer. Some buddies and I rode to the show with this guy who not only had a van but a fake ID as well. We were riding in from Vancouver, so we had enough time to get good and buzzed off of tall boys of Miller High Life. I waltzed in and slammed to the opening band, they were some lame-ass straight edge band, but I danced anyway and didn’t stop until after the Misfits encore.

I hope this show will be just as fun. Yes, they are fogies now and all their best material was written by Danzig. But it should be a fun show regardless, as Dez “I’ve Heard It Before” Cadena is in their current line-up. Besides. it’s October, you know, Halloween! You can’t pass up the spookiest band ever around Halloween time! Tage Savage