AAUP kicks off bargaining with “Imagine”

Portland State’s chapter of the American Association of University Professors kicked off bargaining with a rally on May 6.

The rally was a joint action with the PSU Faculty Association, the union for part-time faculty and staff. The theme of the event was “Imagine”: “Imagine higher education: Student-centered. Educator-led. Debt-free.”

Jose Padín, AAUP’s Vice President of Grievances and Academic Freedom and a sociology professor, emceed the event. Members of AAUP, SEIU, PSUFA and students gathered on the Park Blocks.

People held signs that read, “Our working conditions [are] student learning conditions” and “Job security for educators.” There were also signs with the “Imagine” slogan. Participants then marched to the Market Center Building and delivered a cupcake to President Wim Wiewel.

“The rally was great,” said Pam Miller, president of AAUP. “It was a beautiful morning and the turnout was amazing…There were students, faculty, allies and lots of signs and enthusiasm.”

AAUP started bargaining with PSU on May 7. They will meet with the university 11 more times throughout spring and summer terms. PSUFA starts bargaining with PSU later this month.