A&C Calendar

Cannonball Adderly Tribute.
Portland’s jazz scene goes through about a million inceptions each year. With artists moving in and out and secret gigs happening all the time, it’s hard to know what style anyone is playing at the given moment. As for Julian “Cannonball” Adderly, he was known for his hard-hitting alto sound. He did a stint with Miles, but is best know for the work of his own quintet, which helped establish the hard bop sound. Come hear local blowers pay tribute. 7 p.m. (GAVIN L. ADAIR)

Kennedy School, 503-249-3983

Dead Moon, Fireballs of Freedom, The Natrons
When I was a kid, I knew Portland best as the home to world-famous weight-challenged hardcores Poison Idea. Well, Portland’s quality underground rock tradition will live through the ages as long as we have bands like these three to support. Expect Berbati’s to be sweatier than usual as Dead Moon celebrates the release of its, like, 500th album. (GLA)

Berbati’s Pan, 503-248-4579

Rasheed Wallace’s Celebrity Halloween Party
C’mon, aren’t you just a little bit curious? What kind of celebrities are going to be there? Will ‘Sheed and other players be mingling or hidden in some VIP room? Will the Blazer girls be there? I hope so. What do celebrities and Blazers wear for costumes? Do they party like rock stars or what? This party is a mystery of sorts: it could suck, or it could be the best time ever. Since it’s twenty bucks, I’m not going to find out. If you do, please let me know the juicy details, I’m serious. (Aaron Miles)

Crystal Ballroom 9 p.m., 503-224-5555, x8811

Mix 107.5 Masqer-80s Bash
These events are usually kind of corny, but can be fun as well. I might take my mom or little brother to it. If you didn’t blow a Jackson on ‘Sheed’s party last night, you can spend it tonight. Expect suburbanites, high-schoolers, ’80s hits, punch and trendy costumes. Any time’s a good time to see a roomful of people in cheesy costumes dancing to “Karma Chameleon.” (AM)

Crystal Ballroom 9 p.m., 503-224-5555, x8811

The Breeders, Pedro the Lion
The Breeders, they had the best indie radio hit ever, didn’t they? The whole record was pretty darn good, too. But they self-destructed with liquor and semi-fame, didn’t they? I think about Kelly Deal soused and unable to pull off “Last Splash” and it breaks my heart. Well, it’s what, five or seven years later? Things should have mellowed out by now. I have to go, if only to see one of my biggest adulthood crushes. (GLA)

Berbati’s Pan, 503-248-4579

Field of Dreams Corn Maze
The corn’s taller than you are, and the maze is actually hard. It’s the perfect place to pretend you’re in a horror movie, say perhaps “Children of The Corn.” The latter is a great way to scare the kiddies. It’s also the perfect place to take a date, get lost (I hear this happens) then say to your date: “we’re never getting out, let’s make hot love now on the ground, it’s the only thing we can do!” (AM)

Krueger’s Farm Market, 17100 N.W. Sauvie Island Road 503-621-3489 Sunday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. $5 adults, $3 children ages 5 to 12.

Murder City Devils
That’s right, the band that kick started the 10th or 11th Northwest rock revival is calling it quits. Come on out and pay tribute, because at least one band above probably wouldn’t be around if not for these guys. (GLA)

Crystal Ballroom, 503-225-5555, X8811

The Psycho 78s as The Misfits (Brandon from Pan Tourismos and Glen from 3rd and Failing, Alkaline Trio), Captain vs. Crew as The Cure, The Vespertines as The Cars, Rally Boy as New Order

Four great local bands cover four great classic bands. The Bands will dress appropriately and play a full set of cover songs. Outside of boring reunion tours, this may be the closest some of us come to seeing the Misfits, New Order, the Cars and the Cure. There will be door prizes and costume judging. Cover is three bucks. The fun starts at 8.

The Blackbird 282-9949