An old-timey guide to wrangling your car or bike

Looking for the next big thing? Try driving! The wind in your hair, the smell of freshly combusted diesel, the crisp shunk-clunk of an engine; this bright future of mass transportation is almost like a dream. It stands to reason that you would want to drive this dream for as long and as passionately as possible—why, even to campus. Say goodbye to yesteryear’s cumbersome dirigibles and smoky locomotives and say, “Hello, motor!” Hello!

Of course, you’re going to need somewhere to store that fancy new automobile, aren’t you? Well, look no further than the campus garages, home to a wide assortment of the latest makes and models. A permit will set you back a pretty penny (anywhere from 67 dollars for a part-time permit to 393 dollars for full-time, depending on the hours), but garages themselves are so close to the Portland State campus that you could kiss them. Never worry about meters or long walks in the rain again!

I know what you’re thinking, though: “Golly, these garages must be close, but just how close are they, really?” Well—you curious cricket, you—PSU garages are just a Charleston Chew away, everywhere from Shattuck Hall to Blumel Hall. Just throw a stone and you’ll hit a building full of glorious cars.

Maybe you’ve owned a couple of real hayburners in your time, though, and your newest jalopy runs on Tesla’s finest: electricity. If that’s the case, then worry not, friend, you’ll be firing on all sixes in no time, as both Parking Structure 1 and the Market Center Building have charging stations for those newfangled electric breezers. Electric Avenue used to have the honor of being PSU’s one-stop-shop for charging your Space Age automotive, but is getting bumped off in favor of a new business school. Ah, applesauce!

Of course, not everyone has jumped on the automotive bandwagon, so to speak. Our great nation is dotted with those who have stayed true to that classic staple of two-wheeled transportation: the bicycle. If you too find yourself in need of a place to harbor your Bianchi Betty, try one of the illustrious bicycle garages. For a mere 15 clams per term—or 45 for a year—you can tuck your most prized possession away behind bars that can only be opened with a student ID card. Spend the dough! You won’t regret it! Keep your bike copacetic!

You might think you can leave your main mode of transportation open to the elements, but think again! Even the most secured of bicycles can get pinched in a heartbeat, and most bikes that go missing are never returned. Also, Portland is known for its frequent downpours. Don’t get left with a wet backside just because you wanted to scrimp on the cash. Parking a bike on campus is far more economical than a car, and that’s the honest truth.