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Some poor sap from Hood River may soon miss their big shot at an Oregon lottery jackpot this month.

Say Wha?

“Make English America’s offical [sic] Language”

-A protesters sign as photographed by the Houston Chronicle.

In case you were wondering…

Some poor sap from Hood River may soon miss their big shot at an Oregon lottery jackpot this month.

A “Win for Life” ticket, which would give the person who picked the numbers 6-43-46-51, $1,000 per week for the rest of their life (before the taxman cometh…of course), has not been turned in. As reported by The Oregonian, in order to win the prize, the holder must come forward with their golden ticket by May 23 or their chance at the prize will expire.

To rub it in for the soon-to-be-loser, here are some of the things you could buy each week with $670 (the winnings after taxes):

-336 Pez dispensers -Half of a quality plasma-screen TV -8605 sticks of Orbit gum -181 hours playing Guitar Hero III at the Viking Gameroom-670 lottery tickets

What the hell is that?

Sandwiched between the guy and girl bathrooms in the basement of Smith Memorial Student Union is the recently installed Wii-room. But, despite its name and location, you probably shouldn’t use the room to go “wii,” unless you don’t mind passing groups of campus-touring high schoolers catching you mid-tinkle (and if that’s true, we are calling the cops right now).

The small, unadorned room is actually set aside for students to play video games on the Nintendo Wii console.

The newly designated room, which in previous incarnations has been a storage room, a meeting room and years ago, a subterranean hair salon. The Viking Gameroom continues its slow overtaking of the SMSU basement with the new room, where for $6 an hour, students can compete with friends (or alone and sad) on various Wii-games involving mustached plumbers and weird, yellow animals with funny names.

In just a few months, staffers at the game room say the room has built up a small but loyal set of regulars, who come to the game den to flail their arms around like mad with their wireless controllers as gawkers stare and marvel at the madness through the fishbowl windows. It might not be as fun as peeing, but you still might enjoy it.