Time to ball

During the year, many a sports fan find themselves bereft of entertainment and suffering from a case of boredom. Lo and behold, Portland offers a solid group of parks for friends and family to enjoy a game of hoops.

Taking home some honors

Although the year of 2008–09 brought a wave of change to the athletic programs that call the South Park Blocks home, one constant remains in the world of athletics: Prime-time players and star student-athletes.

Archie’s wry hook

Months ago, Vanguard editor-in-chief Nathan Hellman and I made the obscenely long drive to Pullman, Wash., to cover the Portland State vs. Washington State football game. As we were driving home through the beautiful Columbia Gorge late that night—hours after Washington State romped the Vikings to the tune of 48-9—I caught a brief moment of respite from the usually demanding conversation required to entertain my boss.

Out to pasture

Darrell “Mouse” Davis announced his retirement Monday, as the 76-year-old will walk away from his position as offensive coordinator of the Portland State football team.

Backyard dreams fulfilled

The scene was not unlike countless others that unfold on playgrounds, backyards and vacant cul-de-sacs across the United States. Neighborhood youngsters gathering for the game of the moment: fall was for football, summer was for baseball, basketball filled in the cracks.

Narrow miss

Despite combining to win four of the 10 events in the decathlon at the Big Sky Outdoor Track and Field Championships, neither DeShawn Shead nor Nick Trubachik managed to walk off the podium with a first place finish.

Academic deficiencies

After coming off an academic year in which Portland State claimed conference championships in three sports, Athletic Director Torre Chisholm says that he is finally becoming pleased with the overall competitiveness of his program.