Arrested again

Finally, after nearly a decade of longing and a frustrating hiatus, Arrested Development is back—and will be aired in one fell swoop on Netflix.

Photo © Fox
Photo © Fox

Finally, after nearly a decade of longing and a frustrating hiatus, Arrested Development is back—and will be aired in one fell swoop on Netflix.

The entire fourth season will hit the Internet on May 26, so get ready for some mayonegg action and meaty leading-man parts to blow your mind. indicated that the season will feature a new format that follows a specific character’s disasters throughout each episode and is tailored specifically to be viewed on Netflix.

Whether such a structure will make the season a major disappointment or a triumph of awesomeness, the rising fame and decreased availability of the cast necessitated the decision.

Actor Michael Cera, who plays the good-hearted burgeoning adolescent George Michael Bluth, has spent the last decade ensconced in theaters as the awkward character you just want to cuddle and pat on the head.

Movies like Superbad, in which Cera plays a high school student who gets sucked in disastrous plans, or Juno, in which he plays the good guy who does the right thing despite his horribly tiny yellow shorts, highlighted his rapidly increasing popularity following his short television career on Arrested.

Jason Bateman has also graced the silver screen in a variety of easygoing comedies. Though none live up to the epicness of Arrested, movies like Horrible Bosses and Hit and Run feature characterization that’s similar to his Arrested character, Michael Bluth, and have only increased many fans’ hunger for the show’s return.

For everyone who enjoys the wacky humor and the outrageous characters he plays, David Cross’ impressive career strides in the last few years have been a boon. His TV show The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret showcases the unbelievably uncomfortable story of a man who perpetually lies about pretty much everything and somehow manages to destroy everything important in his life.

The silly workplace comedy Demoted, in which Cross plays a revenge-seeking boss, is also worth a watch.

Then there’s Will Arnett, who plays Gob, (pronounced “jobe”), the oldest son and incompetent magician of the Bluth family. He’s bounced around the movies and all over TV. If you were pleasantly surprised by his presence in Men In Black 3 or his random appearances on shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation, you know Arnett hasn’t slowed down since his time on Arrested.

Many fans have especially enjoyed his role in 30 Rock, the conniving and sexually bothered Devon Banks, who struggles with his enemy, Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy, and his obsession with Jack McBrayer’s Kenneth.

Then there are all the actors who have flourished on Archer, an outrageously inappropriate adult cartoon (and a personal favorite) that features murder, intrigue and highly offensive characters.

Jessica Walters gives her voice to the matriarch of the inept Archer spy agency, a role similar to Arrested’s Lucille featuring character traits like raging alcoholism, hatred for offspring and manipulative jerkiness.

Jeffrey Tambor, who plays the horrible family patriarch on Arrested, has also enjoyed quite a bit of success following the show. Unsurprisingly, he voices the character of Len Trexler, Walters’ lover on Archer, a military man who is constantly being cuckolded. Tambor has also made a variety of appearances in movies like The Hangover, and provided his voice to shows like Bob’s Burgers.

Even Kitty, the obnoxious secretary and breast-flashing deviant on Arrested, has found fame with Archer (once again as a horrible secretary). Her character Cheryl (or sometimes Crystal) makes frequent sexual advances toward co-workers and ruins everyone’s day.

Even Mae Whitman, the notorious “her?” character in Arrested, has found fame with movies like The Perks of Being A Wallflower and Scott Pilgrim Versus the World.

Whether Arrested Development’s fourth season turns out to be a blunder is not yet known, the incredible cast has spent the last few years honing their skills as terrible, terrible people. So pop open some juice boxes, ’cause this party is going to be off the hook.