ASPSU announces candidates for spring elections

Students vying for leadership positions in Portland State’s student government body–Associated Students of PSU–are preparing for the 2016 elections, which being April 11.

There are three candidate slates registered for the ASPSU elections: Students for a Better PSU, Unite PSU and Voices of Student Solidarity. The current candidate list also includes 4 students running independently for Senate and Student Fee Committee positions.

Students for a Better PSU:
Trevor Jacobson for President
Cassidy Hines for Vice President

Students for a Better PSU Senator Candidates:
Kimberlee Ponce
Salih Mahmood
Emily Korte
Zia Laboff
Mustafa Almuzel
Josie Clausr
Cheryn Trapp

Students for a Better PSU SFC Candidates:
Patrick Charles James Staton

Unite PSU:
Liela Forbes for President
Kaitlyn Verret for President

Unite PSU Senator Candidates:
Madelyn Miller Senator
Kaitlin Hoback Senator

Voices of Student Solidarity:
Zach Brill for President
Olesya Prokhorova for Vice President.

Independent Candidates:
Jaclyn Humphry for Senate.
Xavier Coleman, Bethlehem Daniel and Sulakha Hassan for SFC.

While there’s competition among candidates for ASPSU President and Vice President, not enough students applied to fill all the available positions within the Senate and Student Fee Committee.

The Student Senate is meant to have 16 elected Senators and the Student Fee Committee consists of seven members. The candidate list includes 10 students running for Senator and four running for SFC member positions.

This year’s polls are scheduled to open April 11 through April 27.

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