ASPSU President appointed chair of OSA board

Student body President Erin Devaney has been elected chair of the Oregon Student Association (OSA) board of directors.


The OSA is a non-profit organization that represents student interests in the state government and in the Oregon University system.


Devaney said that the position, which traditionally goes to Oregon State or the University of Oregon, will give PSU “more voice at the statewide level.”


As chair of the OSA, Devaney will serve as a spokesperson for the board and will be responsible for maintaining communication and cohesiveness between board members.


“It’s very rare that someone from PSU has this position,” Devaney said. “I think it’s a good thing for PSU and PSU students.”


One of Devaney’s goals is to advocate for more community college representation on the board. Many community colleges do not have a student fee structure that supports OSA membership, making it difficult for them to pay dues, she said.


She also wants to establish chapters of Oregon Students Equal Rights Alliance and Oregon Students of Color Coalition on more campuses in Oregon.