Humble and engaged’

When Layton Borkan returned to work at the Center for Student Health and Counseling in 2006 after a stint away convalescing from a bout of cancer, she expected to work for perhaps six months and then retire.

KPSU staffer to show off Portland

KPSU Development Director Rachelle Schmid is in for a hectic time as spring term winds down. Not only is the Portland State student radio station in the middle of its annual pledge drive, but also Schmid is signed on as guest host of The Traveling Radio Show as it records around Portland next week.

KPSU kicks off pledge drive

KPSU launched its annual two-week pledge drive Monday, but donations started pouring in about a month ago when the student-run radio station sent out an e-mail asking faithful listeners to pony up.

Speaking out

“I was high,” says Jake Meeks as Telling—the play by and about veterans—begins. “I was stoned out of my monkey ass.”

Last ditch effort

With just hours to go before polls closed for good Monday evening, candidates from all three slates patrolled the Park Blocks in front of the Smith Memorial Student Union encouraging students to vote.

Student senate approves election dates

After 48 hours of turmoil, the student government election is still on. The election was postponed Monday due to a faulty ballot that was missing several candidate statements and photos, among other problems, leaving the future of the annual contest to select new student government officers up in the air.

Six questions for Heather Spalding

“I want to see students get engaged in the process of running the university, and that would be my dream—to see students who are directly engaged in the projects that we do and they have say in the planning of the university and the operations. That’s a really great learning experience and that’s what made me develop into a person that can work within a system.”