Junior Eryn Jones’ most recent achievement is her record in three pointers.

Junior Eryn Jones’ most recent achievement is her record in three pointers. The guard went 6-for-6 from outside the arc, the first time for a Viking since 1989. Now it’s time to take a look at the woman behind the on-court name.  

Jones is working toward a degree in Health Sciences with plans to attend graduate school for Physical Therapy. The junior has high goals for the team this season, including repeating the 2009 Big Sky Tournament victory. The guard recently opened up about her odd pet desires, taste in music and dislike of country music. 

Vanguard: Why did you come to Portland State? 

Eryn Jones:I came here because it was close to my hometown of Seattle. I really wanted to play basketball and I was interested in playing in our [Big Sky] conference—with this conference, you can go to the NCAA tourney, and that’s a huge thing for me. ? 

V: What has been your best moment on the court?

EJ: Probably when we won the Big Sky Tournament and went to the NCAA Tournament. ? 

V: What is your greatest strength?

EJ:Since I’m point guard, I am pretty good at managing and running the play. I can feel out how my team is and how everyone’s emotions are, in a way. I set the tone. And it’s important to know what offense to run and to get us to run the right plays. I would say that’s my strength—being a leader in that way on the court. ? 

V: Which is your favorite place to eat around campus?

EJ: Probably Bamboo Grove—it’s a Hawaiian place, and we go there as a team sometimes. ? 

V: What is your favorite thing to do around Portland?

EJ: I love living downtown. There are always exciting things to do, and there’s tons of places to eat, to go out and have fun with your friends—and of course, there’s places to shop. Portland is just cool because, for example, you have the Park Blocks right downtown, which is a very unique place. ? 

V:  What is the first item that you would buy if you won the lottery?

EJ:I really want a pet pig (laughing), so I’d probably buy a pig.

V: You’re going to keep it in the city?

EJ: (Laughing) Yeah! You know, a mini one. I just want a small one.

V: What is your most embarrassing

on-court moment?

EJ:I don’t know if there really is one—but probably getting blocked. That’s embarrassing. I hate that!  

V: Do you have any hidden talents?

EJ:I like to long-board. My friend and I both own them, we’re learning! 

V: Do you have any nicknames? Why?

EJ: People call me “EJ,” because of my initials, but other than that it’s “Jonesy.” I’ve had that one since childhood.

V: What is the last thing you cooked?

EJ:I made a chicken burrito yesterday. I love Mexican food. 

V: If you could attend one concert or sporting event anywhere, what would it be?

EJ:I would probably go to the NBA Finals.

V: Who’s your favorite team?

EJ:I like the Oklahoma City Thunder, just because they used to be in Seattle where I

grew up. 

V: What has been your favorite class at Portland State?

EJ: I took a lot of health classes that I really liked, especially nutrition. I want to do physical therapy, so I just like the physical health classes because they’re interesting and they can relate to your life—especially as an athlete. 

V: What’s on your iPod right now?

EJ:I just put music on my iPod! I have Trey Songs, and put on some Keyshia Cole. I kind of like a variety. I like Jay-Z. I like hip-hop, but I also like rock and some reggae. I have the most random stuff. I like every genre expect country. ? 

V: If you could have dinner with three people—alive, dead or fictional—who would they be?

EJ:Michael Jordan, Barack Obama and Ellen Degeneres—I love her. 

V: Do you read the Vanguard?

EJ:I read it whenever I have classes in Cramer Hall. I just grab it when I’m down there, which is pretty often. ? 

V: What song would you sing karaoke?

EJ: I love old-school Britney Spears, so probably anything by her. ? 

V: What is the last thing you read?

EJ:I just read the book the “Hunger Games;” it was really good. ? 

V: Do you have a favorite superhero?

EJ:Superman, because I would want to fly, too. 

V: What is your main focus on the court this season?

EJ:I really think we want to focus more on making sure we win all of our games at home, especially in conference. It is always really hard playing on the road. Of course, you want to get wins on the road, but if we do lose on the road, we at least want to split the wins. And in the end, of course, the biggest goal is just to get first in our league again, like last year when we won the Big Sky Tournament and made it to NCAA. ? ? 

[This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.]


Junior, guard


Average points per game:12.8

Total assists:76 (leads team)

Three-point field goals:35 (leads team)