Supplement your education

Internships and apprenticeships aid students in job search

The bourgeoisie seem to expect that straight after college they’ll be hired into well-paying, $60,000-or-more-a-year jobs, with full benefits and paid holidays. What we find, though, is a large number of kids placing their scholastic endeavors at the bottom of the list, doing nothing but keg stands and watching Jersey Shore for four years until they’re thrown into the real world completely unprepared.

What do you know about student loans?

The reason you’ll be eating ramen for the next 10 years

Our financial aid system works out well for the two extremes: Those with absolutely no financial means are able to have their college education paid for largely by federal or state grants, and those with affluent backgrounds are able to pay tuition out-of-pocket.

What are you running for?

Charity races promote awareness and raise money for benevolent causes

I’ve always been cynical when I’ve heard my friends’ mothers (with hobbies such as talking on the phone while driving giant SUVs and hiding their secret antidepressant habits from their neighbors in suburbia) smugly brag about supporting breast cancer awareness.

Monitor vs. whiteboard

Online school lacks benefits of traditional education

I find myself walking to a lecture at 10 a.m. It’s raining, my sweatpants are soaked and I don’t give a shit about cellular reproduction right now.

I then spend the entire lecture daydreaming about being one of those unemployed moms or girls with drawn-on eyebrows whose “college education” entails sitting in their warm beds taking online quizzes.

Scoring high

Establishing credit is important but risky

College is an institution established with the intention of preparing bright young folks for the future. Here we not only earn our degrees but establish ourselves as productive members of society. A part of doing this lies in establishing and building a good credit score.

The social dilemma

How our virtual lives isolate us

We live in an era of constant integration: At any given moment we’re connected to millions of other people—tweeting, liking, clogging up servers with pictures of our meals and showing off to our friends how “white girl wasted” we got last night with lots of folks.

O campus police! Have you your pistols?

Arming campus security would overcome a lack of protection

One of Portland State’s main selling points is that it’s an urban campus, in the middle of downtown Portland, to which thousands of people commute every day.

Keep more money in your pocket

Why co-enrollment is co-ol

Are you the kind of person who pays $6 for a box of Froot Loops when you can get the same exact product, minus the toucan, for $1.99? If so, you should take the shuttle bus to Portland Community College’s Sylvania campus and enroll in Dr. Jonathon Wolf’s Economics 201 class.

Just how responsible is PSU for student safety?

University sued for failure to protect student from harm

Portland State recently found itself on the receiving end of a $1.6 million lawsuit filed by a former student. The suit claims that the university failed to keep the plaintiff safe from harm. Should PSU be held liable?

Whom do teachers unions really hurt?

Unions damage the education system

As is the case with much of the working class labor groups in the 20th century, teachers formed unions to have their collective needs met. It’s a simple concept: If the district doesn’t give them what they want, they don’t do their jobs.

Working hard or hardly working?

Federal work-study: more than just a paycheck

We’re all aware of the ever-increasing rise in tuition. On top of a lousy economic backdrop and the government cutting education funding like crazy, many of us scramble to figure out how to pay for school. If you have a deficit in your financial aid package but turning tricks or selling dope isn’t exactly your thing, you might benefit from taking advantage of the Federal Work-Study Program.