Beers to make your mouth pucker

Fads come and go in the craft beer community—from IPAs contending for the most bitterness to hops being used at their freshest—and a current trend seems to be catching on slowly but surely in Portland and beyond. The popular culprit? Sour beers.

Bikes, beer and pinball

As the weather heats up, nothing sounds more tempting than drinking a cold beer in the hot sun. Unfortunately, the few bar patios in Portland are either covered, too small and crowded or both. Fortunately, Apex Bar has hit the scene with a great patio and a long list of good beers.

Pustules, boils and sores galore!

In the world of colleges and universities, prom nights are usually disposed of and disregarded as social nightmares from high school that none of us wishes to relive. Somehow when the term “zombie” is added to the mix, heads start turning—turning all the way around, in fact.

Beer drinking leads to Helles

This month, Lompoc Brewing releases three unique beers that are great for summer drinking: the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dark Side Porter, Spring Bock and Heaven’s Helles. All three are available at Lompoc breweries and can be found in taprooms and stores around town.

Stumptown Tart delivers sass

This week Bridgeport Brewing releases its “Big Brew,” a special beer that comes out once a year. This year their Stumptown Tart takes the same name as it has for the past two years, but its style and flavor have since changed.

Happy Yeaster!

When Portland’s Cheers to Belgian Beers started four years ago, the beer festival’s tap list consisted of only 10 beers from 10 brewers. Now, with 28 brewers taking part in the festival and 33 beers on tap this year, Portland’s Cheers is both a popular festival and a striking example of how the Oregon craft beer scene has skyrocketed in recent years.