Into the belly of the beast

Alex Accetta couldn’t help but show his enthusiasm on a recent hard hat tour of the new recreation center, scheduled for completion in January 2010. “I’m super excited about this space,” Accetta said while describing the exercise rooms on the fourth floor.

Making a splash

While students were away on winter break the university made progress toward completing the new recreation center by installing the lap pool.

Rec center committee initially scores five points out of 100 for sustainability

Sustainable experience was one of a few categories to score low point values on the 100-point scale used to select a design firm for Portland State’s upcoming recreation center, slated to open fall 2009. At the top of the scale, 20 points were awarded for previous experience and design, while only five points were awarded for prior experience working with projects focused on sustainability.

Interior design decisions next step for Rec Center

As construction on the new student recreation center continues at a steady pace, decisions for the interior design and finishes are also being undertaken. According to Ernest Tipton, community planning manager for Facilities and Planning Services at PSU, a committee made up of students, faculty, university staff and building-ownership representatives initially tackled the task of choosing the thousands of design choices for the recreation center.