48 hours of fun

Portland State fraternity Phi Delta Theta is having their third annual Teeter-Totter-a-Thon in the Park Blocks this week. Members and pledges alike take turns on the teeter-totter, never stopping during the 48 hour-long philanthropy project.

Pre-health advisers to be laid off in June

The budget cutbacks facing higher education in Oregon will drastically cut funding for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) at Portland State. As a result, undergraduate advisers in many departments around the university are being laid off.

Reshuffled E-Board deals with first complaint

An Elections Board meeting Wednesday dealt with the first major student elections infraction. Student Fee Committee Chair candidate Johnnie Ozimkowski filed a complaint with the board alleging that fellow SFC Chair candidate Jil Heimensen sent a mass e-mail to student group mailboxes.

Student sustainability tax up for vote

Student Senator Brendan Castricano, who is up for re-election this year, has taken the initiative to reduce Portland State’s carbon footprint by putting together the Green Initiative Fund, a $5-per-term fee supported by all the upcoming presidential candidates in student elections.

Change from the outside

Transparency is a word that has set the tone for the student body elections this year, and Student Fee Committee Chair candidate Jil Heimensen has an agenda to take this word and put it into effect.

Green Onion, The Cave forced to close

A restaurant and club near Portland State’s campus are being forced to close their doors due to fire hazards presented by low ceilings and lack of exit doors. Portland Fire and Rescue examined the Green Onion Restaurant’s building, located at 636 S.W. Jackson St., and deemed it a fire hazard due to the low ceilings with exposed beams, a well-known and loved feature.

Not just toga parties

The seven fraternities and sororities at Portland State are revitalizing their organizations with new blood and ambitious recruitment goals as an influx of younger, traditional students has helped membership for some chapters balloon.