A rock ‘n’ roll marathon

If the idea of slogging through a four-hour concert special that’s as confusing as it is boring to watch holds some appeal for you, then boy has HBO got your number.

Filling the pie hole

Few things are quite as good as pie. Whiffies Fried Pies, a cart located at Southeast 12th Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard, seems to understand this. Their brand of handheld deliciousness—both in dessert and dinner flavors—is some of the best cart eating our city has to offer.

Northwestern exposure

Every year, the Northwest Film Center presents the Northwest Film and Video Festival, designed as both a showcase and reminder of this essential fact: Our rainy region has a pretty damn good filmmaking scene.

Literary lifestyle porn

There are many different reasons why we watch TV or like a certain show. I like to watch comedies because I’m interested in how jokes work.

Your friendly neighborhood serial killer

A serial killer is at his most honest when he’s doing his killing: when the knife blade glides through the flesh, when the hands work soft skin raw, and the flash and burn of a muzzle foretells destructive bloodletting.