Portland Art Museum presents APEX: Adam Sorensen

Exhibition fuses Japanese woodcut influences with a pop-culture aesthetic

Adam Sorensen’s APEX is a must-see exhibit running at the Portland Art Museum through Jan. 1, leaving more than enough time to absorb the collection’s vast excursion into the emotional depth of both light and dark. The six-painting showcase will evoke endless hours of thought, contemplation and speculation.

Evolution of the disc jockey

The technology changes but the taste for tunes remains the same

If you’ve been to a rave, a party or any club in your lifetime, you’re familiar with the disc jockey, dropping tune after tune to set the tone for the night and assembling creative segues between tracks to give the music an easy flow.

DJ-ing has always been about the music: how, when, where and why it’s delivered. Over the years, the sounds have changed, genres have died off and now DJs seem to be a dime a dozen.

The week in bangers

Lemme tell you what “dubstep” is about. It’s an entire genre of music that is all bass. I’m talking morning, day, night, afternoon, bass, bass, bass, bass.

None more black

Northwestern Black Circle Festival III promises to be the darkest, blackest and most evil installment of Dark Forest Productions’ metal festivals yet.

The week in bangers

Here we have another serving of three radical dubstep tracks up this week, and it’s time to give ’em a listen, perfect your moves in front of the mirror and hear talented DJs in the know drop them at the club.

Stay on that train, brother

Yuksek’s “On a Train” EP is on the chopping block this week. Will it make the cut, or will it be shelved as the record you’re too embarrassed to return after buying? Or even worse, will it be the one you can’t pawn off on your friend with the worst music taste ever (you know the one I’m talking about)?

The week in bangers

As a DJ, dubstep is lots of fun to play, but as a listener, it very certainly shakes, rattles and subtly floats you to the highest highs while letting the lowest lows creep out from the subwoofers of the dance floor.

Reporter? I barely know ‘er!

Reporter, Wampire, Arohan and Linger & Quiet are coming together for a majorly dance-worthy ladies night at Branx. Some of Portland’s most radical indie-influential dance music will go hard at one of the best venues in town.

This week in bangers

It’s said that April showers bring May flowers, but while you wait the weather out for the sun to break through, enjoy some grooving electro house track recommendations from the Vanguard—may it brighten your mood and get you dancing.