Controversial university studies program to come under review

Future of general studies at Portland State unclear

Portland State Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Roy Koch is set to retire at the end of June, and, pending in-depth review, PSU’s University Studies program may undergo big changes in his absence.

Wild Flag

Rock and roll romantics

On the surface, at least, Wild Flag’s debut self-titled album is just that: a party on vinyl. Great rock ‘n’ roll records just aren’t made so often these days, and it’s tempting to embrace this rather fun notion of the band. But there’s much more to this story.

Wild Flag’s Janet Weiss Speaks

We just went down to the practice space and kind of worked on some ideas. We hadn’t played together for so long, it was kind of refreshing to be with someone who you had this shorthand with. So we just goofed around, and then we called Rebecca in, because I knew her and thought she’d be great for the soundtrack.

Daniel Menche

Music for the beasts

Portland’s Daniel Menche is a living legend in the international avant-garde community. As a musician and performance artist, Menche has spent more than 20 years crafting a body of work that is both highly conceptual and ferociously visceral. In a genre often characterized by sonic extremes, Menche’s music assaults the intellect as much as the physical senses, gripping the listener in a total body experience.


The transfiguration of Portland’s most psychedelic son

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, and raised in New Jersey and Minnesota, Ilyas Ahmed came to Portland on an uncommon path. If Ahmed’s life is anywhere near as interesting as his music is, it’s a story that I’d like to hear.

Make your own damn record

The record industry is dying, and it’s up to you to help kill it

When it comes to the history of recorded music, only one medium is guaranteed any kind of permanence. The vinyl record brought music out of the concert hall and into the homes of real working class people.

The Black Lizard shoots to kill

Imago Theatre’s superb production of Yukio Mishima’s play full of hard-boiled, erotic, grotesque nonsense

Freud famously said that perverts succeed in realizing what hysterics only fantasize about. Imago Theatre’s superb staging of Yukio Mishima’s The Black Lizard is full of the perverse and the hysterical. The classic tropes of the hard-boiled detective procedural are employed brilliantly in this sexy, surrealistic noir thriller.

Alleged sexual assault in basement of Millar Library under investigation

No report filed with Campus Public Safety Office

A sexual assault is alleged to have occurred in the basement of Millar Library on or around Jan. 19, according to an email sent out to library employees on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

For reasons that remain unclear, the Office of the Dean of Student Life is investigating the matter. The Portland State Campus Public Safety Office said that no report has been filed with them, and that they have no details on the alleged incident.

KPSU radio DJ Judith Gennett’s life to be celebrated with music

Longtime DJ died of cancer on Thanksgiving day

Staff and volunteers at Portland State’s student-run radio station are reeling from the death of longtime KPSU DJ Judith Gennett, who died of cancer on Thanksgiving morning.

Friends and colleagues at KPSU say they will celebrate Gennett’s memory the best way that they know how—through music. On Saturday, Dec. 10, from 1 to 3 p.m. KPSU will broadcast a memorial radio program for Gennett at and 98.1 FM.

Gennett’s involvement in college and community radio dates back to 1995, and she had been involved with KPSU since 2002.

‘Rahmlow should resign,’ says former ASPSU vice president

ASPSU president responds to criticisms following recent arrest

Former ASPSU Vice President Ethan Allen Smith has said that Adam Rahmlow should resign as ASPSU president after it surfaced that Rahmlow recently spent three days in jail for violating the terms of his probation, which stemmed from a prior conviction of resisting arrest.

“There’s no way that PSU athletes would be allowed to continue on the team if they spent time in jail during the season,” Smith said. “It’s absolutely amazing that Adam Rahmlow can keep his job just because he wants it, and that there is no automatic recourse for removing someone who was arrested while serving as a senator and spent time in jail while in office as president.”

A history of violence

Occupy PSU looms, sparking memories of May 11, 1970 campus ‘police riot’

Organizers of Occupy PSU have asked students and faculty to meet in the South Park Blocks in front of the Smith Memorial Student Union where they will stage a demonstration. It is not the first time that the park blocks have been occupied for the purposes of civil disobedience.

On May 11, 1970, PSU’s South Park Blocks were the site of a violent display of police force, as “People Strike for Peace” protestors were forcibly removed from the area. Doug Weiskopf was a senior at Portland State, and recalls the day vividly.