Clubs Galore

College can be intimidating for new students, especially those unfamiliar with their community. Luckily, Portland State supports a wide variety of student-run groups that give students the opportunity to gather and socialize outside of the classroom. Joining a student group can be a great way to make friends, rally for a cause and participate in the PSU community.

Taking the plunge

The Willamette is clean, but does it have a chance to be more?

The Willamette River has taken a lot of crap. Literally. Sure, a few years ago it was filled with dangerous levels of bacteria, but can’t an aquatic body get a second chance? It seems that the city of Portland is pushing to revive the culture surrounding this once-toxic flow and attempting to turn it into a swimming hole.

Show me your papers

Romney’s recent actions cast doubt on his commitment to transparency

Mitt Romney has faced several hurdles during his presidential race. He has been pressed to release his personal tax information by multiple media sources, he has completely changed his position on women’s choice issues and he recently managed to screw up a visit to London.

Funny “ha ha” or funny “oh no”?

Daniel Tosh pushes boundaries with rape comments

Comedian Daniel Tosh recently became the target of a media firefight after a performance at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. While the exact details are unclear, the primary claim is that Tosh crossed a line while performing his set by making light of rape and rape jokes.

Gunman on campus arrested, arraigned in federal court

David Chilton, the man who is accused of threatening a campus security officer and committing several other crimes in the Portland area, has been arraigned and charged in federal court.

The charges leveled against Chilton include armed bank robbery, car-jacking, possession of a weapon while being a felon and two counts of brandishing a weapon during a criminal act.

To what degree?

More competitive job markets challenge historical perceptions of college degrees

How important are graduate and doctoral degrees? As job markets become even more competitive in the current static economy, recent college graduates will need to compete with seasoned applicants for the same positions. Qualifications and specialized skills could become that much more important.

Writing Center faces potential administrative move

Concerns about funding, services surround debate to move center

The Portland State Writing Center may be undergoing changes during university restructuring. Currently run through the Department of English in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, it may be moved under the guidance of the Office of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, which currently oversees groups such as the Women’s Resource Center, student housing and the multicultural center. It also oversees enrollment and admissions.


Local trio brings together electronica, pride and sisterly love

“They try to shame us out of loving darling,” begins the song “Figure 8” by local Portland band Lovers. The band, self-described as “loud and proud” blends together female harmonies with friendly electro pop.

Suspicious package mailed to PSU, deemed harmless

FBI continues to investigate incident

Over a period of three weeks, several suspicious packages were sent to various businesses in the downtown Portland area, including Portland State, The U.S. District Courthouse, the Port of Portland Building, the Hilton Hotel, Lloyd Center Mall and Oregon Health and Science University. All of the envelopes contained a white powder, alerting the attention of local police and fire departments as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.