Getting there and back

Using cars, buses, trains and your feet to get to campus If you are lucky enough to live on or near campus, getting to class shouldn’t cost you a nickel—you…

Picture me drinkin’

So you’re 21 and in college. Congratulations, you made it to the stage of life in which you don’t have to drink contraband Keystone Light in a dorm bathroom. The world is your sauced-up oyster. But now that you don’t have to sneak suds, where can you go that’s not halfway across town?

Viking games



Having split the Big Sky regular season title in 2011, the Vikings women’s soccer team was picked in the league’s preseason poll as the top team of 2012. “I don’t necessarily think it is any pressure, but it’s nice to hear that people are giving us respect,” coach Laura Schott said.

Rec Center fun and fitness

With so many options, you may not know where to begin

When long hours of sitting at a computer have caused that familiar feeling of fatigue, or when the icy Portland rain makes going for a run feel like an Arctic expedition, remember that the Portland State Academic and Student Rec Center has your back. Simply show your school identification at the front desk (located on the second floor) and enter a recreation wonderland.

Intramural Sports

Many students leave behind their athletic aspirations when they begin college. It’s understandable—your papers are due, your part-time job eats up your weekends—but you don’t have to quit playing sports.

Downtown mainstays

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and explore my city So you’re new here. That’s cool. Welcome. At this point, you may be unfamiliar with all the amenities that…

Stretch that dollar

Make the most out of student discounts Everyone loves a good deal. But students, who often have to reconcile low funds and pricey school fees, especially hate paying full price…

Tips for living off campus

Freshman year, the dorms can be exciting—a great way to make friends and adjust to living away from home. Surrounded by peers riding a similar freedom high, students get a new sense of community and what it means to be in college.

We started from nothing

From its humble beginnings as an extension center, educating primarily World War II veterans in an abandoned shipyard housing project, Portland State has survived everything from legislative resistance to floods and riots in its climb to its present state of being.