Letter to the Editor

I am writing this letter in response to [the] July 31 Vanguard article “PSU’s Diversity Action Plan proving difficult to define.” It’s important to understand both the background and goals of this campus-wide initiative.

Letter to the Editor

Students should vote no on the proposed constitution. It revives outmoded advocacy mechanisms, denies representation and advocacy for under-served and marginalized communities, and will be practically impossible to amend in the future.

Letter to the Editor

Dear President Wiewel, My name is Lisa Meersman and I received a Bachelor’s in Community Development from Portland State this last December. When I started at PSU as a freshman in 2008, I founded Take Back the Tap at Portland State with four other students. I continued to coordinate the campaign until December of 2012, when I graduated.

Letter to the editor: Guide Dog Etiquette

We received this letter to the editor from a concerned reader who ran into issues on campus with his guide dog. His advice is quite valuable, so we’ve printed the entire letter for your information. Consider it a part of your education at PSU.

Dear Editor:

I would like to address the students and faculty of the Portland State University campus.

There have been several incidents which have occurred to me while walking with my guide dog Bryson which makes me feel that perhaps a note regarding the proper protocol or etiquettes when dealing with a guide dog team (the guide dog and the handler).