“It’s do, or die with Ty”

Dear Mayor,

Bin Laden got word to me, He thinks People know my name internationally because of him and I’m a Know body.

New York Times, and the New York media, Some think I’m a hero, due to my stories of the Human bodies immune system, saving lives. Now by my medical history, New York public schools have converted vegetarian meals, breakfast, and lunch.

PDX budget problems

I feel might all fall under war crimes.

Example, 2008 Columbia River crossing was all prepared by Mayor Potter at his term.

By e-mail

To Ambassador Rice, also Washington D.C.

I ask for investigations over the croakers.

Oregonian News report

911 plot went down at year 1999.

I got no other information, due to life, and death at the Newspaper.

May Day riot, Seattle Wa.

1. I feel was cause by alarming reports that Ryan Crocker is U.S. Ambassador to the Country of Afghanistan. (inter net)

2. The Krogger Corporation own, and control
all Americas food business almost.

3. John Crogger, Oregon Attorney General who took
away my driving rights.

Who are the Croackers for real?


At every adult book stores you will see the whips, hand cuffs, that tortured girls that made international News. Still goes on.