Love at last, OkCupid style

For most students experiencing their journey through college, one of the terrifying inevitabilities to face is the world of dating. Whether it be rubbing elbows at the movies, drunkenly hooking up at a Halloween party or making eyes at the library, dating is something that permeates our lives and makes us weak in the knees.

Art, society and sustainability

Assistant professor Harrell Fletcher sees opportunities for creativity in conservation

Portland State’s art scene is becoming known for its Art and Social Practice Master of Fine Arts program, in which artists are encouraged to interact with their community.

Harrell Fletcher, assistant professor of art at PSU and fellow of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions, will present “Art, Society and Sustainability,” a seminar to be held Wednesday, Nov. 23, that will explore the intersection between these three subjects while showcasing Fletcher’s work.

The trauma of revolution

OHSU professor to give a firsthand account of providing psychological aid in post-Gaddafi Libya

Dr. Omar Reda, assistant professor of psychiatry at Oregon Health and Science University, will discuss his recent visit to Libya Friday, Nov. 18, as part of the Portland State Middle East Studies Center’s “Lunch & Learn” series.

“I’m going to talk about the Arab Spring and focus mainly from a psychosocial aspect. I want to talk briefly about the Libyan people’s struggle and the challenges that face them now that the regime is over,” Reda said. “Most likely they will need lots of work for that country to recover.”

In sync: Ethan Sperry, far left, conducts the PSU Chamber Choir during rehearsals for its concert, Shattered Faith.

Singing of the sacred

Portland State singers tackle crises of spirituality in the upcoming concert Shattered Faith

PSU’s Chamber Choir, Portland’s Vox Femina and the Man Choir will combine voices Friday night at St. Mary’s Cathedral for the spirituality-based concert Shattered Faith.

The program explores the topic of faith with music ranging from Bach to Bollywood. Challenging emotionally for the audience and technically demanding for the singers, the varied pieces aim for more than light entertainment.

As Chamber Choir conductor Dr. Ethan Sperry explained, sometimes art requires more than casual attention from the audience. The rewards can make for deeper appreciation.

Truth in jest: Ralf Huettner’s Vincent Wants to Sea is a light human comedy about serious disabilities.

Triumph of the witty

The Northwest Film Center’s new German cinema series begins with quirky indie Vincent Wants to Sea

When we think of German cinema, many of us imagine films too dark or strange for mainstream American audiences. From the brilliantly overwrought visuals of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, to the dream-like insanity of Werner Herzog’s films, German directors have staked out territory far from American aesthetics.

The Northwest Film Center, in partnership with Zeitgeist Northwest, opens its new German cinema series Friday with the award-winning 2010 comedic drama Vincent Wants to Sea.