Pinch your nose and run

For one day every spring term the South Park Blocks are filled with the savory aroma of baking salmon. For many, this is a delightful sensation. However, for others, the smell can result in a serious medical emergency.

Common sense versus procedure

In large classes, such as those commonly found here at Portland State, students may feel invisible. They may feel as if the professor, and sometimes the other students, do not notice them and sometimes that is perfectly all right.

Eating by numbers

You may have already begun noticing it—those numbers listed on your receipt from some of your favorite restaurants. No, they are not the prices, but rather the calories of what you are eating.

I love boobies

“I love boobies” is no longer just a phrase heard in a middle-school boys’ locker room: it is now part of a national campaign by the Keep A Breast Foundation.

Time to vote

It is that time of year again: time to vote for your student government. Maybe you aren’t aware of this because last year only around 700 students submitted ballots out of a student population of over 25,000.

More fun in neon

The latest controversy swarming the internet and jamming the news involves J. Crew, the generally more conservative clothing company, and its most recent advertisement.

The voice of TriMet

As you are walking around Portland amongst the sirens, horns and other regular traffic sounds, you may begin to hear something new—you may be hearing voices.

Get a whiff of this

If you listen very closely, amongst all of the talk about banning plastic bags, smoking in public parks and plastic water bottles, there is something else in the works of being banned; cologne, perfumes and smelly deodorant at work.