Upgraded system to replace WebCT

PSU is planning a switch from WebCT to an updated online-coursework system at the start of spring term that will keep closer track of student participation in online classes and improve accessibility for faculty members, administrators say.

The ancient art of words

Before a backdrop of colorful blankets and a large, painted animal skin, Salista Williams, 12, and Aiyanna Brown, 9, danced on a small stage to the accompanying music of the Splac-ta Alla (People of the Valley) Drum Group.

Class plants low-water garden at PSU

The Portland State campus got a little greener on Sunday, Oct. 14 when students in a weekend course planted a new low-water garden comprised primarily of plants native to the area, on the corner of Southwest 10th Avenue and Mill Street.

Rising to greatness

The story of an ugly and chronically unemployed youth rising up from the position of shoe-bearer to rule a nation may sound like the stuff of fairy tales rather than the subject matter for a book on better business strategies. Tim Clark, an adjunct professor at Portland State, doesn’t think so–it’s the subject of his new book, The Swordless Samurai.

A comic alternative to college

They spend upwards of 30 or more hours per week writing and rehearsing for a show. They don’t usually have agents. They do most of their own self-promotion. Half of them dropped out of college to pursue a career in making drunk people laugh.

Classroom shuffle

Students enrolled in classes such as applied linguistics, syntax or peace education fall term may be surprised to learn their courses have been moved from elsewhere on campus to the Clay Street building, former home of the Portland State employment tax office.

Ten after 10:00

Portland after dark can sometimes be a bit of a let down, especially if you’re newly relocated from a more nocturnally active environment.