Defending an Egyptian god

Next Monday, Portland will host a respected voice in the field of ancient Egyptian study: Dr. Eugene Cruz-Uribe, professor of global history and world civilizations at California State University, Monterey Bay, will come to campus to deliver his lecture, “Seth: Ancient Egypt’s Evil God of Power and Might.”

Back to high school

It’s the peak of an abnormal streak of spring sun, and the Park Blocks are bustling with Portlanders excitedly coming out of hibernation. Portland State alumna and author Chelsea Pitcher has a book for lovers of young adult fiction to read as they soak up the sun.

Reviving dead air

Lately there’s been more sound than usual coming from the basement headquarters of KPSU—namely, the preparation for a complete overhaul of the station.

Round sound

Kicking off half an hour late, Beisbol was introduced to all sides of the room on Thursday. I sat, caught off guard by how incorrectly I’d been pronouncing the band’s name before finding out that it was just Spanish for “baseball.”

It takes hard work to party

Allow me to alleviate any and all suspense you may have about Red Bull’s Thre3style U DJ battle by introducing Portland State student Levi Mohorich (aka DJ Leviathan) as the winner of a much-deserved $1,000 prize.

The write stuff

It’s that time to start stressing about the end of the term, and for students who are heading into three weeks of projects, prep and performance evaluation, the only savior is the study break. Instead of spending your free hours binging on House of Cards or Dexter reruns, consider leaving an afternoon open for a different kind of light entertainment.

Forward thinking

It’s probably safe to say that you’re aware of a few places on campus where you can find the writing of fellow Portland State students—hell, you’re reading one such publication right now. The clamorous refrain of “Print is dead!” has become so ubiquitous as to be cliche, and though it’s continually been disproven, the phrase does address a vital concern in the publishing world: In a market fractured and ultimately transformed by new media, how do you reach your readers?

Thick as thieves

A significant breath signals the opening of Ghost of Providence, the debut EP from local folk outfit Bike Thief. By the second listen, it sounds like a breath of fresh air.

Double dip downtown

In any given week Portland is host to numerous concerts, its windows and walls perpetually advertising various shows around the city. It can get downright depressing to think of what you could be missing on those nights you have to skip seeing a favorite band or, even worse, forget to buy a ticket.

A voice that’s Rocky $mooth

Keeping in mind that we’re talking about an industry encompassing basketball moguls and Kardashian lovers, it’s still safe to say that A$AP Rocky’s eccentricities set the Harlem lyricist apart from others in the rap game.

Outstretched hands

Yoga seems to be everywhere in Portland, with dozens of gyms and institutes offering courses around town. Numerous Portland State students take classes from Campus Rec or for credit, believing that if they attain physical wellness through the sequences and controlled breathing of the practice, yoga can help them lead a more mindful and healthy life.