Summer term

Summer is here. The sunshine is making Portland more beautiful and your friends are at the beach getting an amazing tan and enjoying every relaxing moment they can get, because they just finished three quarters of classes.

Counting Calories

Do you know how many calories are in the burger you are eating right now? Would you like to know? Well, some local fast food chains are stepping up to help you keep track of your caloric intake.

Sweating sustainably

The large amount of the people that go to the new Academic Student and Recreation Center at Portland State University make the gym environment an ideal setting to get some exercise, while converting their energy into, well, more energy.

Following the money

Politics and ethics seem to be two concepts most people, sadly, don’t associate with eachother. Though as citizens, it is something we must demand in order to maintain a functional government for the people.

Racially suspicious

Arizona governor Jan Brewer is the latest politician to pass through a pathetic substitution for immigration reform. On April 23, Brewer signed SB 1070 into Arizona State law.

Everybody’s doing it, so tax it!

Hemp is by far one of the most useful plants in the world. It makes paper, fabric, bio-diesel and plastics, among other materials. One acre of hemp can produce three times more paper than an acre of the most paper-producing trees—while according to a Harvard study by Jeffery Miron, Oregon spends $61.5 million enforcing out-of-date cannabis and hemp laws.

The good tax

Do you know where it just got a lot more expensive to buy bottled water, beer, soda, candy and cigarettes? The home of our neighbors just over the river—Washington state.