Luck be a lady

President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick will be the first to be nominated by a Democratic President in the last 15 years. According to the Associated Press, Obama pledged last Friday to name a Supreme Court justice who combines “empathy and understanding.”

Hiding religiosity

Although I can see why President Obama’s decision can be seen as legitimate, as he tried to keep the church and the state separate, I still disagree with the removal of a symbol just to talk about the economy.


The recent House Bill 2578 passed unanimously in the Oregon House. The bill requires towing agents to photograph towed cars to document they are illegally parked. In addition to the photographs, The Oregonian reported on April 22 that “the bill also requires the tow driver to contact the parking lot owner before removing a car, and it restricts the landlord’s ability to remove cars from parking spots reserved by tenants.”

India’s democratic woes

If you thought the 2000 United States presidential election was a disaster unlike anything before, imagine what it would be like if we would have experienced what the Indian general elections are beginning to experience.

Grim recruiting

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now the longest waged by an all-volunteer force in U.S. history. Unfortunately, as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan become the outcomes of empty promises and thousands of deaths, there is little patriotism left for the country that soldiers had before.

Harmful actions

The Oregonian reported on April 3 that three Native Americans were beaten last week while they waited for a MAX train in Goose Hollow. According to the police report, five people attacked a 47-year-old woman and two men, aged 62 and 27, using slurs that referred to their Native American heritage. Mary Wheat of the Portland Police Department said, “The three were targeted because of their ethnicity.”

A morning after

On March 23, the Associated Press reported that in a controversial court decision, a federal judge in New York ordered the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow the sale of the Plan B morning-after contraceptive to women 17 years and older without a prescription.

System overload

In addition to overly expensive textbooks, lack of parking spaces on campus and budget cuts from the state, many public college campuses are facing what seems to be another major problem: lack of dorm rooms.

France’s funny ways

In January, The Independent newspaper announced that “One of Nicolas Sarkozy’s most visible, and most controversial, attempts to transform the French way of life will take effect from 8 p.m. tonight.”

Dissecting the PSU population

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the last couple years at Portland State, it’s that no matter how large the campus population becomes, there are only a few different types of people that frequent my classes.

You can’t survive on porn

According to Joe Francis, producer of the Girls Gone Wild video series, apparently no one can live without sex. The LA Daily News reported on Jan. 8 that Francis, along with Larry Flynt, creator of Hustler magazine, requested a $5 billion bailout from the federal government due to the weakening economy.