Graduation checklist

If you are entering your last year at Portland State during the upcoming fall term, there is probably one thing on your mind: graduation. One thing is for certain—you don’t want a small technicality preventing you from graduating, or from whatever you plan to do after. How can you be sure that your last year goes smoothly in your transition from PSU?

Well-rounded education

Most colleges have some type of general requirements that must be completed in order for their students to graduate. It’s a “necessary” evil of the university system. Portland State has them. However, they also have the University Studies program.

The cost of healthy students

No one likes increases in fees for anything. It’s not such a big surprise that there is so much resistance to the increases in tuition and fees for the 2009–10 school year at Portland State. But what is the real story behind these increases?

Home sweet dorm

For those incoming PSU students who will be living on campus, having 10 buildings to choose from isn’t something to do blindly. Each building offers different things—room type, size, amenities, cost and location. The university is also working with students and developers to change housing to meet the needs of a growing student population.

Cellular education

You know, cell phones just aren’t prominent enough in our lives. We just don’t spend enough time on them. How can we remedy this terrible error? I know, let’s use them in school.

The right to kill your child

The mother: not guilty on all charges. The father: guilty of only criminal mistreatment. That kind of verdict makes me sick. Thank goodness I have parents who cared enough to take me to the doctor.

Offline education

Why is Portland State so behind in the online-class revolution? The average age of a PSU student is anywhere from 26–28, depending on where you look on the school’s Web site. At that age, a student is likely to have a job, even if it’s only part time. Many also have families. This group would certainly benefit from the many conveniences of fully online courses.

Salvation from student loans

Student loans. Those two words are enough to make any college student shudder. It’s akin to a Pepto Bismol commercial: Indigestion. Upset stomach. Student loans. No one wants to break free from college after having earned a degree only to be shackled by thousands of dollars in debt.

With a new federal student loan repayment program, you may not have to.

Word gets around

I can tell you one rental company that definitely should not be considered: College Housing Northwest.This company was once listed on the Portland State University Web site as a good alternative to on-campus housing. Recently, it was dropped from the list. Why?

Educational seniority

On May 21, the Senate approved a bill that would allow seniors to audit university and community college classes for free. There are some conditions: There must be space in the class, the instructor must give approval and the student must attend part time.