That’s No Moon

I have always loved Star Wars. I’ve loved it from the moment I saw an Energizer commercial in 1991 involving Darth Vader’s lightsaber dying for lack of a battery. Even though…

Becoming me

We find ourselves in the midst of yet another term, and life (and our education) goes on. The freshmen jaunt through campus from one class to the next like the…

Seeking Antiquity

In an age deeply entangled in the cult of “now,” what place is there for “before?” Allow me to paint you a picture. On the slope of a grassy ridge,…

Plight of the Nerd

Dictionaries still place the word “nerd” among  insults, but it’s clear that the status quo has changed. I had a fairly typical outcast social life when I was a kid….

Making ‘cents of college

Your first year in college is an exciting time, filled with promises of brain-expanding lectures, endless possibilities and (for some) light intoxication. Becoming a freshman is also a major transition into the beginning of real adult responsibility and financial burden.