Food, Coffee, and Bars

Coffee/cafes 1. Branford’s Bean Millar Library, first floor Hours: Monday–Thursday, 7 a.m.–11 p.m.; Friday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m.; Saturday, 11 a.m.–7 p.m.; Sunday, 2–10 p.m. Offers: Coffee, tea, sandwiches, snacks 2….

Live long and prosper

While the beginning of a new school year can be very exciting, the pressure of college can quickly become overwhelming. The stress caused by homework, studying and taking exams has a way of building up and overpowering our ability to cope with all the things that life decides to throw our way.

Library 101

On any college campus, the library can be an incredibly vital resource for students of all ages and majors. If you are new to campus or returning for another year, it is important to know what educational tools the library can provide and exactly how to use them.

Top 20 big words you need in college

Impress your friends! Convince your professor that you have already finished her readings! Here are the top 20 terms you may not know yet that will pop up again and again in your academic career at PSU. The best use of this clip-and-save guide is as a handy “heuristic” (see below) to help you breeze through those articles written by the pretentious researchers your professor hangs out with. You won’t have to grab a dictionary. You’ll leap over these mental hurdles and power through to the Readings Finish Line. Collect all 20 in your head! Trade with friends!

Meet the Campus Public Safety Office

Having the ability to learn, study and grow in a safe environment will be an integral part of your successful college career here at Portland State. To that end, PSU’s Campus Public Safety Office is constantly striving to maintain the utmost level of safety and security on campus.

SHAC 101

For many Portland State students, investigating the Center for Student Health and Counseling, and the details of the Student Health Insurance Plan, may feel a bit cumbersome—especially when faced with the demands of coursework and other life issues. But just like obtaining a good grade in class, knowing how to make best use of your health services requires doing some homework.

Student Government 101

The Associated Students of Portland State University,the student government body of PSU, is composed of three main branches: the student senate, the judicial review board and the executive branch.