Running the day away

For the college-age crowd, spending 18 consecutive hours doing one thing probably means playing video games, watching TV marathons or—for the more ambitious among the crowd—studying until their eyes burn.

Eastern beasts vs. best of the West

The last two Junes in Portland have been indicative of Rip City’s postseason history at large: Despite entering the playoffs with a city’s worth of optimism, there seem to be just a handful of franchises blessed with that spectacular, championship-team magic we’ve only known once in 40 years.

A secure center

The Academic and Student Recreation Center presents employees with many challenges, but the Member Services staff is working to assure that identity theft and fraud aren’t among them.

In good rhythm

Three nights a week, about a dozen dancers gather for the Steps of Rhythm dance group’s practice and run through various songs and dance routines to make sure they’re prepared for an upcoming showcase.