A fresh start in the arts

“Well…what now?” is the question students of many disciplines will find themselves asking upon graduation. The Vanguard is here to help. Graduating college and going out into the real world can be a difficult time for a lot of students. New graduates often leave college and with bigger waistline and some student loan bills—they must also contend with fear and trepidation at not being able to find a job.

Gaming evolved

I never thought that I would call myself a gamer. It’s just that the word “gamer” has so many connotations. During my high school years, enduring countless hours of others’ conversations about World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI gave me the impression that gamers were nothing more than pimply males who sat in front of their computers for days at a time while all but forgetting what the outside world looked like. Boy, was I wrong.

Cruising the airwaves

Portland State radio station KPSU is at the tail end of its quest to bring an FM signal to campus with the end of its three-week fundraiser, Radio Revival.

Singing the blues across the country

A good old-fashioned tour can be a grueling expedition, but performing on both sides of the U.S. on the same day bears its own unique stresses. Nicole Cooper, a Portland State alumna who performs under her surname, Cooper, is to perform in Nashville, Tenn., at 11:30 a.m. this Saturday, on Record Store Day. Later that evening, Cooper will also perform at 8:30 p.m. at Music Millennium here in Portland.

Starving to feed America

Fruits and vegetables—a staple commodity in American kitchens. Everyone eats them, but does anyone know how they get from field or orchard to our plates at home? Farmworker Awareness Week, organized by the Food Action Collective, Las Mujeres de la Raza and the Sustainability Leadership Center, kicks off next Monday with “Dinner, Documentary, and Dialogue,” which seeks to shed light on the questionable conditions of individuals working on farms across the United States.

Top 5 PDX music venues

Backspace 115 NW Fifth Ave. 503-248-2900 Though it is not a general favorite of the Portland music scene, Backspace’s all-ages landscape offers what so many other venues do not—drinks for…

Unwelcome history

Unwelcoming sentiments plagued the arrival of some soldiers returning from World War II. Linda Tamura’s lecture, “When Heroes Weren’t Welcome Home,” looks to address some of the reasons why.

Good for the gag reflex

While life presents us all with many opportunities for failure, no film I’ve seen recently embodies this idea quite like The International Sign for Choking, which screens tomorrow evening in downtown Portland.

Skootch gets tech-savvy

Trolls, YouTube and Twitter bring Internet humor for your entertainment. Skootch, an improv group featuring members of the Brody Theater, will perform a show this evening focusing on Internet culture and its nuances.

Out of the office and on the front lines

Underused, overused or misunderstood—psychology on the front lines of modern warfare elicits several ethical considerations. PSU Professor Emeritus Dr. Janice Haaken taught in the department of psychology for 30 years before retiring to focus on documentary filmmaking projects. Mind Zone: Therapists Behind the Front Lines is the latest of these projects, and it focuses on several controversial issues facing psychologists and therapists today.