Characters from the artist’s world

It’s carnival time in Portland, a time to reflect on peculiarity and marvel at the bizarre. The tiny upstairs gallery space at Land on North Mississippi Street is prepared for the unveiling of Emily Martin’s newest collection of art.

Land as art

The work of a typical artist is hard enough, but compared to that of a land artist or earth artist sitting behind a canvas doesn’t seem too bad.

A well-rounded artist

The artistic résumé of Portland artist Liz Haley is sort of all over the place. Haley dabbles in a bit of it all—from video and photography to performance and collage. Through all of it she is aiming toward a common theme of exposing how small we humans really are.

What is American?

Robert Frank created an American masterpiece in 1959 with the U.S. release of his cross-country photo-documentary trip The Americans. Popularized over time, Frank’s work is now seen as the pinnacle of work documenting that era in American society.

Lectures we want to hear

History can be told in many ways, but arguably the best way is through firsthand accounts from people who were there, who lived it, felt it, and saw it for themselves.

When little people rule the world

Livia Corona is a master of her craft. A native of Ensenada, Mexico, she grew up around the hustle and bustle of a life just beneath the border. Educated at the Art Center College of Design in New York, Corona perfected her skills as a photographer and has gone on to exhibit her work in galleries around the world, and was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for her latest project.

Putting a face to strangers

Gus Van Sant has become, arguably, the city’s most famous celebrity. The creator of 14 feature films including 2008’s Milk, Van Sant has built a reputation on telling everyday stories with just a hint of quirkiness, a dab of originality and a definitive Portland presence.

Art for social change

Social change and art have gone hand-in-hand for a long time. Artists have seemingly always used a blank canvas or the lens of a camera to provide commentary and instigate change within political, economic and social systems.

Remember the little things

This April seems to be family month at galleries across town. Newspace Center for Photography is no different, with both of this month’s shows capturing the artists’ children growing, playing and just being kids.