Gregory Flores is the assistant director of PSU’s Career Center.

Résumé strength crucial to surviving the job hunt

Career Center offers tips on building effective résumés

It’s not uncommon for a business to ask for prospective employees’ résumés during the initial hiring call. Building a powerful and persuasive résumé is absolutely essential to surviving past this first qualifying round, and Portland State’s Career Center has a wealth of information and resources to help students develop a strong résumé.

PSU Day At The Capitol puts university issues front and center

Budget, Sustainability Center, university governance discussed

Portland State was highlighted at the Oregon State Capitol building on Wednesday, Feb. 8, as politicians and PSU representatives spoke about key issues concerning the school.

“The general purpose of PSU Day is to let legislators know that Portland State University is alive and thriving,” said Wim Wiewel, university president.

Everybody Reads promotes community education

PSU and Multnomah County Library collaborate on events that discuss race, personal identity and community

“What if everybody read the same book?” That’s the question asked by the 10th annual Everybody Reads campaign, which kicked off this month. The program, created by Multnomah County Library and sponsored by Portland State, attempts to foster community engagement and learning through the wide-spread reading of a specific book selected by MCL.

Bonamici wins Oregon special election

Democratic party takes major victory

Suzanne Bonamici has won the Oregon special election and will take David Wu’s place in Congress.

Bonamici collected 54 percent of the vote, easily winning the majority vote over her main challenger, Rob Cornilles, who received 40 percent. She will now serve out the remainder of Wu’s term, which lasts until the Nov. 6 general election, at which point she will need to run for re-election if she wishes to remain in Congress. She earned the distinction of being Oregon’s only current female legislator.

Sustainable seminar promises innovative ideas

Willamette Partnership representative to speak on environmental issues

Portland State students interested in environmental preservation are highly recommended to attend the Feb. 1 Solutions Seminar hosted by the Institute for Sustainable Solutions. Titled “Getting what you pay for: tracking ecosystems in the Northwest,” the seminar will focus on how the Willamette Partnership contributes to the preservation of the Northwest’s many ecosystems.

Students consider military careers post-graduation

PSU students enrolling in armed forces anticipate difficult yet prosperous journey

Recent Portland State graduates have various options for career paths, such as entering graduate programs, getting internships, joining the work force or traveling. Others will put their degrees to use for a career in the armed forces, a path which many college graduates have begun to follow.

Portland State professor Shelly Chabon named president of ASHA

Dr. Chabon takes the helm of the nation’s credentialing association for speech, language, and hearing scientists and professionals

At the the beginning of 2012, Shelly Chabon, professor and chair of the Portland State University Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences took office as the new president for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Chabon will serve as president for one year.

Chabon has taught at PSU since 2007, and became chair of the speech and hearing sciences department in 2010. According to her curriculum vitae, Chabon has more than 38 years’ experience working in the area of speech and language communication.

Tapped out: The Oregon State Police Department is currently $1.5 million over budget, and high security costs of the GOP debate will increase the deficit.

Portland prepares for upcoming GOP debate and primary

Date of primary, location of debate proving controversial

As the GOP race tightens, political pundits wonder if Oregon’s March 19 GOP debate and May 15 primary will have any effect in the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

Mitt Romney has emerged as the favorite to earn the nomination after winning both the Jan. 3 Iowa primary and the Jan. 10 New Hampshire primary. Romney earned a combined estimated total of 14 delegates from those two elections, as opposed to an estimated 10 for Ron Paul and eight for Rick Santorum. Romney’s early lead has led to local worry that Oregon’s May 15 primary may not be of much importance, as it is held late in the election cycle.

State initiatives promote local markets and healthy living

Community markets receive state and federal grants

The state of Oregon is working to eliminate “food deserts”—areas of Portland that lack access to supermarkets and quality food products.

Various grants awarded by both state and federal governments have allowed independently run markets to open up in these populated food deserts.

Portland Trail Blazers start 2012 with significant roster changes

Off season contract negotiations, injuries and retirement cause major player movement in Rip City’s team

Significant roster changes have been made to the Portland Trail Blazers team in 2011.

Since the end of the 2011 season, the Blazers have made substitutions at point guard by swapping out Andre Miller for Raymond Felton, and have also made changes to their bench by shedding Rudy Fernandez and signing Jamal Crawford.

In June 2011, the Blazers traded Fernandez to the Dallas Mavericks for a first-round draft pick, and then sent that pick, along with Miller, to Denver for Felton. Right before the season started, the team also signed Crawford to a two-year, $10 million contract.