Baby ‘cured’ of HIV?

Last month, in rural Mississippi, doctors announced that a baby had been cured of an HIV infection. Since HIV may be passed from mother to child during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding, doctors normally check pregnant women for HIV long before delivery. In the case of this baby’s mother, she arrived at the hospital already in labor. She hadn’t seen a doctor and was unaware that she was HIV-positive.

Scouts’ (dis)honor

It’s Girl Scout Cookies season. And as we approach finals week, a lot of my friends have received boxes of cookies as gifts. Not because the cookies are fantastic (though they are), but because conservative groups have recently taken aim at the Girl Scouts of America. Still, the organization has held its ground. And what they support, what they stand for, makes me love them

A hypocritical oath

The Texas Center for Defense of Life says its mission is to “aggressively defend the sanctity of human life in Texas and federal courts from conception through natural death.”

Real sex education

This Valentine’s Day, Democratic politicians reintroduced The Real Education for Healthy Youth Act, which would expand comprehensive sex education in schools and ensure access to medically accurate and age-appropriate materials. Two of our state representatives, Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., and Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, D-Ore., are listed as co-sponsors of this act.

Condoms and beyond

Choosing the right birth control option for your specific needs can be frustrating. The Student Health and Counseling Center offers a range of birth control options for you to consider and contraceptive counseling to help you understand the various methods.

Revenge porn

Kelly Hinson is a 27-year-old expectant mother who was approached by a man while out shopping. He knew her name and recognized her from explicit photos that he saw on the Internet. Hinson was shocked. True, she’d taken the photos, but she didn’t know that a former partner had posted them online. Nor was she aware that underneath the photos were her name and personal information, including contact information, which were also made public.

Getting tested at home

Years ago I looked into purchasing home HIV tests at the request of a friend who wanted to test each new partner prior to engaging in sexual contact as an added precaution. That friend intended to use protection and normally required each new partner to get tested at a clinic but still saw some advantages to having a partner tested in this manner.

Take back the night

Sexual assault is a major societal problem that impacts all genders and ages. It’s a focus of concern on most college campuses, and statistics about the preponderance of sexual assault on college campuses abound, including here in Portland and on the Portland State campus.

Violence Against Women Act lapses

In the face of its departure, many political pundits have already declared the 112th Congress the worst in U.S. history. While I could debate the merits of that claim for a while, it’s a fact that while attempting and failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act a total of 33 times, a lot of other important work was never quite accomplished in 2012.

More than friends?

Friends-with-benefits relationships are becoming more and more common: Studies suggest that almost two-thirds of college students have entered into at least one of these relationships. However, little research has been done on these relationship dynamics in comparison to other kinds of sexual relationships, especially as FWB relationships impact participants’ sexual and reproductive health.