A lovely nightmare

Cassie Meder, an artist working under the name Casstronaut, is a 22-year-old self-taught filmmaker whose dark and ethereal works represent an underlying distortion of religion, psychology and philosophy. In her films, she encapsulates cinematic storytelling with a dark, demonic approach that breaks away from traditional moviemaking. She describes the style of her films as a cross between confrontational and haunting.

Snapping the latest fashions

Tony Peniche is an anti-Hollywood photographer and Portland’s leading man—a man who gets his kicks breaking traditions. His work is bold and in your face as he creates over-the-top images that ooze sex appeal and attitude.

This is the sound of ‘Settling’

Since the early ’90s, Oregon’s immigrant population has increased drastically: Today, about 28 percent of the state’s population is foreign-born. These immigrants from far-flung countries come to the Northwest to try and start new lives—to try and settle in.

Social sustainability soiree

For students at Portland State and across the country, social sustainability is an increasingly important part of maintaining a dynamic campus environment—especially at a campus as urban and integrated with its surrounding city as PSU.

Gallery goodies

A beautifully designed room sits in the lobby of Portland State’s AB Gallery. It’s filled with scrumptious goodies that look good enough to eat. You might say it’s a sophisticated twist on Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, only it’s not edible and the materials used are not candy. There are two parts to this gallery, the interior and the exterior.

Animalistic art

Wesley Petersen exposes his nearly naked body to the camera, performing a number of close-up tummy exercises while his arms are positioned spread-eagle. His upper left chest reveals a tattoo of three handprints in blood, done by his wife.

Games Galore

Sometimes a drink and a couple of friends or co-workers isn’t enough to guarantee a fun night out. Sometimes the only way to enliven a dud of a night is to inject some competition into the proceedings. Here are five top spots to get your game on in Portland.

Radio India

Uttarakhand is known by many as the “land of the gods” and is home to three of India’s biggest radio stations: Kumaon Vani, Heval Vani and Mandakini Ki Awaz. When community radio was established in India in 1995, it was seen as a way to promote freedom of expression and create social change, but because local communities faced issues of government monopoly, underprivileged populations felt their voices were not getting a fair chance to be heard.

The art of self-reinvention

He’s a former skateboarder with a fascination with graffiti who takes a multidimensional approach to art. He combines scraps of new and old materials and used frames and 50-cent collectibles to create bold, subtle, abstract imageries of textural portraits.

To Kegel or not to Kegel?

All those students out there who’ve experienced grueling four-hour class sessions, listening to the professor drone on about last week’s homework assignment, you know what I’m talking about: Your eyes steal a glance at the clock and you realize your first and only break is more than 60 minutes away. Your body is overcome with anxiety, restlessness and fatigue.

Master of the ivories

He grew up in the isolated community of Choctaw County, Ala., but Julian Martin didn’t let his small-town Southern roots stop him from becoming one of the best-known pianists of our time. Since the age of 4, Martin has built an impressive musical career, and the rest, as they say, is history.