Diversity on high

Looking beyond PSU’s diverse student population

A college campus, when infused with novel ideas that test the preconceptions of its pupils, can become a never-ending source for inspiration and progressive development. To fortify the influx of fresh ideas, a university must expose students to varying points of view.

Private vs. public

Education means more than its cost

hoosing a college can be stressful. Each student must decide if he or she wants to attend a party school or a more scholarly institution. Perhaps he wants a school with a liberal inclination, or maybe she desires an institution with a strong religious foundation. Another decision? Private or public.

The right to education

Pell grants play valuable role in higher education

Few things inspire more contentious debate than the topic of government responsibility for education. Some people hold that higher education is a privilege, while others believe it’s the responsibility of any government to provide the means of gaining knowledge to its citizens.

Parenting in college

A defense of early fatherhood

Becoming a father changes you in numerous ways and can even prompt you to recreate your identity in fashions unseen by the previous incarnation of your formerly childless self. For instance, one way I never imagined I would spend my time was reading advice in parenting articles and magazines.

Does American democracy stifle equality?

The five rights we are getting wrong

There is a serious disconnect between the opinions of the American public and the political agendas of our nation’s representatives. Dozens of polls conducted by various institutions all over the country reach the same conclusion time after time: America is not living up to the expectations of her citizens.

Reclaiming the Earth-centered holidays

If May Day could save the world

May 1 is a day filled with a lot of cause to celebrate. As it is celebrated, May 1 is a day in which people remember the proletarian struggle for liberation from the oppressive rule of the bourgeoisie.

Earth-friendly style

Buying vintage is shopping smart

Earth Week has given us a lot to celebrate and think about here on campus. We’ve had music, filmmakers and informative speakers all demonstrate how we could limit our impact on the environment.

Getting over Ana

My battle with disordered eating

Male anorexia is on the rise in the United States and Europe. At least, it is being recognized and diagnosed more often. Yet eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa are still predominately seen as female conditions. Often, men are left out of the discussion about eating disorders altogether.

The burden of masculinity

How society creates monsters of men

Spring unfolds in the Northwest. As flowers open in full bloom, people move outside to shake off the winter blues. With the spring comes the associations of rebirth, renewal and revitalization of the world around us.