Auto insurance linked to credit?

While recently shopping for auto insurance I encountered something we should all be made aware of. All insurance rates in Oregon are based on your credit status, not driving or anything relating to the policy being purchased.

This method of determining premiums discriminates against low-to-middle-income Oregonians who have low credit or bad credit. It also discriminates against the young driver who has yet to establish credit. Does this make sense?

According to the State Insurance Protection Commission, our legislature approved this several years in a row and most consumers are completely unaware of it.

Call the commission and your legislator. Tell them this practice is discriminatory and wrong. Auto insurance should be based on one’s driving, not their credit. The state should never be allowed to take advantage of the poor or the young to add to insurance company coffers. This is unfair and needs attention.

Denise Freeman

Umpqua, Oregon