Best of the Big Screen

The 5th Avenue Cinema, located at 510 S.W. Hall, is the place to be when you seek quality entertainment at Value Village prices.

Portland State University students and non-students alike can see independent and mainstream flicks on the big screen for less than the cost of a video rental. While other people are shelling out $8 to watch movies at one of the bigger cinemas in the area, patrons of the 5th Ave. can have a movie-going experience that won’t leave them broke. The theater is owned by the university and operated by students belonging to the Film Committee, a Student Development group. The theater will re-open September 21.

The cost of admission is $2 for PSU students, $3 for other students and $4 for the general public with show times on Friday and Saturday at 7 and 9:15 p.m. If you have any comments or suggestions for movies the number to call is 503-725-5331. For general information call 503-725-4470.

If first-run movies are what you seek, check out these options near the PSU campus. Regal Cinemas has three downtown locations, the KOIN Center at Southwest Third and Clay, the Broadway Metroplex at 1000 S.W. Broadway and FOX Tower 10 located at 735 S.W. Park.

KOIN Center is a second-run theater with lower prices. The Broadway Metroplex shows the best first-run movies out there and does it with style. This theater is by far the most beautiful place to watch a movie in the city. FOX Tower 10 is the newest downtown theater and has a good variety of choices for your viewing pleasure. They offer some non-mainstream options as well as most of the top 10 box office releases. To find out about movie times at any of the Regal Cinemas, the number to call is 503-225-5555.

The McMenamins’ empire has the Mission Theater and Pub in Northwest Portland where, if you are 21, you can watch a movie in a cozy chair, have some greasy food and drink a beer just like at home, only with better atmosphere. The cost of admission is generally about one or two bucks and is one of the best bargains in the downtown area. For show times at all McMenamins’ theater pubs call 503-223-4031.