Celebrating transgender unity

The week of Nov. 14–20 is the nationally celebrated Trans Awareness Week.

The week of Nov. 14–20 is the nationally celebrated Trans Awareness Week. It all began when San Francisco resident Gwendolyn Ann Smith organized the Remembering Our Dead project and a vigil in 1999 to remember Hester.

“[Trans Awareness] is important because it brings awareness to a minority so small that it is often completely overlooked,” said QRC volunteer Leaf Zuk. “They suffer such a high amount of violence and discrimination that it’s vital for the public to be educated.”

The QRC has held events for trans awareness throughout the month of November and specifically this week, including a Trans Resource Provider Fair that was held last Sunday.

Today, there will be a gender and sexuality writing workshop and a transgender open-mic. The events will be followed by a reading of “Six Billion Utopias: A Collaborative Performance About Gender and Mental Health,” read by Reed College student and queer supporter Tagia Christie.

Tomorrow, a large vigil will be held in Hoffman Hall at 6 p.m. It will include a presentation by trans activitist Tobi Hill-Meyer, as well as a viewing of her adult film “Doing it Ourselves,” and a puppet show about mental health performed by the puppet troupe Gepetta. There will also be an acrobatic production by CoG’s gender queer acrobatic troupe.

The Trans Day of Remembrance is celebrated in nations across the world, including Italy, Australia, Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom, France and New Zealand.

In Los Angeles, JQ International’s Trans Inclusion Committee is hosting a Jewish Transgender Day of Remembrance to celebrate and remember the lives of lost transgender individuals of the Jewish faith through song and prayer.

“Giving hope that we can change the intolerant mindset towards the transgender community,” said QRC coordinator Cat McGraw.

The QRC is located on the stairwell of the fourth floor of Smith Memorial Student Union. It welcomes and encourages students and faculty of any sexual preference to volunteer. ?