Daily Horoscope

Today’s Birthday
Nov. 7. Are you ready to take on more responsibility? Are you ready to have more money in your pocket? It seems these two things will be linked together for you this year. Amazingly, this may not require more work. Watch for your opportunity.

March 21-April 19 – Today is an 7 – Love is more important than money, as everyone knows. But it’s nice to have both. With the right person by your side, becoming fabulously wealthy is just a matter of work and imagination. Don’t let everybody in on your plans.

April 20-May 20 – Today is a 5 – You’ll learn the rest of the story about something you recently heard. You thought it didn’t sound right at first, and you were correct. This is one of the reasons you like to be slow to make judgments and take action.

May 21-June 21 – Today is a 7 – You’re getting stronger, more confident and also more cautious. If you score, don’t brag about it. You’re entering a three-week phase when discretion is advised. You can tell the truth, but not unless you’re asked. Don’t lie, but don’t volunteer information.

June 22-July 22 – Today is a 6 – It’s still difficult to express exactly how you feel, but it’s getting easier. Pay the bills and take care of business. Shop for bargains and fix up your place. Make a date for tomorrow night, for a home-cooked meal.

July 23-Aug. 22 – Today is a 6 – You’re strong, but so is your opposition. You’re forceful, dynamic and cute, but so are they. Don’t hold back. Put on your best performance, and you’ll steal the show!

Aug. 23-Sept. 22 – Today is a 6 – It’s getting easier for you to concentrate. That welcome trend continues for almost three weeks. You’ll also find it easier to make choices. This will comes in handy when others try to pressure you into doing what works for them. Resist their demands unless things also work for you.

Sept. 23-Oct 22 – Today is a 6 – Festivities need to be curtailed for a while. You’re in a phase when you can make a lot of money. Now, make a plan and start working on it.

Oct. 23-Nov. 21 – Today is a 6 – Serious decisions need to be made, with many points of view considered. Everyone feels strongly about this. Can you stay objective? Can you be led by reason, not emotion? Sure you can.

Nov. 22-Dec. 21- Today is a 7 – Your resourcefulness should be paying off by now. Your frugality, too. You’ve been playing it safe, and now you know why. When the opportunity shows up, you can grab it.

Dec. 22-Jan. 19 – Today is a 6 – Ask a friend to help you get a big job done, then split your earnings. Don’t ask this friend to help for free. That wouldn’t be fair. Besides, you’ll save by paying cash instead of owing this person a favor.

Jan. 20-Feb. 18 – Today is a 7 – You’re in the mood for a fight. Is everybody else being obnoxious, or do you just have a chip on your shoulder? Maybe it’s a little of both. You’re famous for your analytical skills. Make sure you get all the evidence before you attack.

Feb. 19-March 20 – Today is a 7 – It’ll soon be easier to express your opinions and make decisions. You’ll stop giving all points of view equal weight and choose one to support. The right choice will be obvious.